June 2022
Issue Date : 2022/6/15
Help vulnerable children have bright future with community network.

when Shyla was 9 years old, her mother died in a car accident, leaving behind Shyla and her grandmother. Shyla took the responsibility of taking care of her grandmother. When she came home from school, she would do the house chores, chat with her grandmother, and looked after her. In school, she is also an outstanding student.

The social worker told Shyla not to worry about tuition fee and other costs, she will help Shyla apply for financial aid and provide daily supplies from the Mustard Seed Mission. The way Shyla could study and pursue her goals with peace of mind.

There is more vulnerable children like Hank in the community,
$35 a month to sponsor a Taiwan vulnerable child now!








Extremely interesting ! Thanks to technology, natural disaster prevention ahead and in place!


Extremely interesting ! Thanks to technology, natural disaster prevention ahead and in place!

The Mustard Seed Disaster Prevention and Relief Service Center cooperates with the Taimali Senior Learning Center to arrange and promote disaster prevention education... Read more





Treat Kids With Love


Treat Kids With Love

"Why can't I go home?" one kid asked. The majority of children coming into Pei-Hsin Home resisted developing any relationship with the staff... Read more




  Those Things That School Didn't Teach   Those Things That School Didn't Teach

"Yes, I can! The youth Employment Empowerment Program" provides a set of training courses for young people aged 16-24... Read more





Far Away from Home


Far Away from Home

The team arrived in Poland on 28 February, supporting the volunteer and civic organizations which are hosting displaced families, and providing critical medicines to health centers where required... Read more




Lillian R. Dickson's Quotes

"Alone we cannot do much, but God is with us”

We still need a place to put the lepers’ children. At the Colony this time a mother with her six-month-old baby in her arms came to us crying for a place of refuge for it. If it is left in the Colony, it is doomed. But there is no place for such babies in Formosa. Even the Orphanage will not take them in now. It is an “unwanted baby” as far as the world is concerned. When the mother stands before you with the tears raining down her face. Her babe offered to you, what can you say? Alone we cannot do much, but God is with us and I think He is moving to provide a place for them.

▏Lillian R. Dickson's Letters - 1951 October. 5▕

Photo:Mrs. Lillian Dickson holding a baby from An-lok Children's Home (accommodating children of Hansen's disease patients)


You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:30-31


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