Issue Date : 2021/3/15
Networking with Love
The Reunion Dinner Service Result

In January and February 2021, the Mustard Seed Mission held 132 Reunion Dinners for 3,300 vulnerable children and their families all over Taiwan. It is hard for them to have family time. In the Reunion Dinner, they treasured and enjoyed the family time so much!
With a total of 1,610 red envelopes delivered to the disadvantaged children, many of them were excited to have their first red envelope and really experienced the atmosphere of Chinese New Year for the very first time.

Together we make amazing things happen!








My Dear Child, Thanks for Your Understanding



My Dear Child, Thanks for Your Understanding

One day, 7-year-old Erica looked at her exhausted mother and said " Mom, if I do not eat as much, can you work less hard?" ..... Read more





Senior Sewing Class for the 50+, A New Life Beyond the Retirement for the Silver-Haired Generation


Sewing Class for the Elders, New Life Beyond Retirement

50+ Elder Empowerment Program is designed to re-utilize the manpower of the elderly, to make good use of their wisdom and abilities ..... Read more





Albay Province, Philippines after Super Typhoon Goni: Retrospect and Prospect


Albay Province, Philippines after Super Typhoon Goni: Retrospect and Prospect

In October 2020, the Philippines was battered by 7 consecutive typhoons and made the vulnerable class become Climate Refugees...Read more





An In-Depth Culture Trip for The Teenagers



An In-Depth Culture Trip for The Teenagers

The youngsters of Mustard Seed Youth Home embarked on a day-trip in Hualien which they would be starting an in-depth culture trip. ..... Read more




Lillian R. Dickson's Quotes

If you are planning for one hundred years, build a school.

“If you are planning for one hundred years, build a school.”

One evening as I came home it was raining. A motorcycle in front of us wanted to make a sharp turn. The man on the motorcycle had his hands busy with his raincoat or something so he casually stuck out one leg to indicate he was turning. Two miracles then occurred,-first, he had supreme faith that the other motorists would understand, and the second miracle, they did understand! A leg stuck out is as good as a hand it seems!
As this is "deep in summer" the children from the Children's Compound are already at the Ban-li Christian Conference Grounds having their real vacation. There are about 150 in this first group. We have to pray especially hard that no one will get hurt or drowned. As we feel that Ban-li was given directly by the Lord to the children I am sure He has angels watching there too!
You will remember I told you that we were turning part of the Pescadore Children's Home into a Student Hostel for girls from the outer islands. Forty girls have already applied to come, eagerly, jubilantly, their first chance to have more education.
"If you are planning for one hundred years, build a school." I guess the auxiliary to that is "or make it possible for the young people to come where the schools are." As people living on the outer islands are mostly fishermen and very poor, we will need sponsors for these girls. But I believe that the Lord, Who opened the door and made it possible for them to have a chance, will also open the hearts of people to help them too. It is not a bad thing to have a project together with the Lord,-in fact, it is thrilling.

▏Extracted from Lillian R. Dickson's Letter - July 30, 1982


You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:30-31

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