December 2020
Issue Date : 2020/12/15
Be a Wish Maker!

“I wish it can be worn longer....”

7-year-old Grace’s shoes are broken, but she is still wearing the pair everyday.

"Why didn't you ask your mommy for a new pair of shoes?" the social worker asked Grace.

"At least I can still wear this pair of shoes. It's okay. I will ask mommy to buy me a new one when we have enough money."  The little girl replied. 


This Christmas, let's light up hope for vulnerable children! 
To make them feel loved, warmth and encouragement!!

The path of life may full of obstacles,
But, with your love and care,
our children will be able to walk with courage! 

  Send a Blessing with Love! 



  The Spirit of Wheat Demonstrated by Rural Youngsters   The Spirit of Wheat Demonstrated by Rural Youngsters

In the Mustard Seed Youth Home, the annual bicycle riding camp is one of the most anticipated activities for teenagers. Since last year, a task that teenagers have never tried before has been added to the riding camp: serving others..... Read more
An Opportunity to Carry on Someone's Dream

An Opportunity to Carry on Someone's Dream


Samuel, who grew up in a financially disadvantaged environment, never complained, but spontaneously became independent.  Hoping to help reduce the financial burden of family... Read more

Be the Beacon of Your Life
Be the Beacon of Your Life

"When can I contact my family?" and "When can I go home?" are the questions most frequently asked by Hans, a teenager found wandering in a park and referred to Mustard Seed Urgent Shelter....Read more
Musical instruments help children find confidence and smile

The Philippines Super Typhoon Relief Work

November 1, Super Typhoon Goni affected more than 24 million people in 8 regions, 32 provinces, 44 cities and 357 municipalities in the Philippines.... Read more


Lillian R. Dickson's Quotes

 Lillian Dickson Letter Collection
“without my watermelons I might not have such a welcome...”

Our four Boys Homes have been out at the Ban Li Christian Conference Grounds for a two-week vacation of swimming and sports, fun and inspiration. It is the highlight of their year, and I am sure they will remember it all their lives. We who do the mothering and housekeeping for all of them had to see that all had swimming trunks, good clothes, good blankets, to take with them, that the Conference Grounds' buildings were in order and clean and attractive, the grass cut short to reduce and discourage the snake population.

On their last night I go down to be with them for the "Captain's dinner." Long ago, before we had the Conference Grounds, and when they just camped out, we started this and also brought watermelons as my part of their feast. That has become a firm tradition now, and without my watermelons I might not have such a welcome.
▏Extracted from Lillian Dickson Letter Collection▕

#Photo  Lillian R. Dickson, the founder of the Mustard Seed Mission, established the "Wanli Campground" (now Lillian Dickson Conference Ground) in 1965, allowing children in the Children’s Home to spend the hot summer in the campground, and it has become one of the most unforgettable memories of many children. 


You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:30-31

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