November 2020
Issue Date : 2020/11/15
Mustard Seed Community Network

Happy Neighbours' Day!

Let's Smile & Love Your Neighbor!
All the Time!❤️

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  Chasing Dreams in Pei-Hsin Home   Chasing Dreams

When Andrew first came to Pei-Hsin Home, being skinny and short, no one could tell he is a student of junior high school from his figure..... Read more
As the youngest at home, Yoyo, who was born with severe physical disability, develops slower than children of the same age, and relies on the care of his mother for daily life.

Love.No Border: there is No Obstacle in Love

In one cold dark night, Richard was wandering alone the street. He came to Pei-Hsin Home for an urgent protection. Most of the time, Richard was crying in his room..... Read more

Community Self-initiated Disaster Prevention Training Activity in Tainan City
Community Self-initiated Disaster Prevention Training Activity in Tainan City

Disasters have no national boundaries, let alone age group divisions, only by preparing for it in peacetime can we avoid the harm caused by disasters......Read more
Musical instruments help children find confidence and smile

The Dream of Playing Hope

"Teacher, can we go to the hospital to play piano for the sick people and comfort them?" This is Penny, a third-grade elementary school student in the Mustard Seed Mission community talent course, who suddenly expressed her hope to help others during a sharing session..... Read more


Lillian R. Dickson's Quotes

 Lillian Dickson Letter Collection
“But I had to put my arm around her so that she might feel my love...”

One woman is blind and has no hands or feet, her face white and tragic, the face of a sad Madonna, unutterably sad. Usually I do not touch the lepers although we stand close to them, but I had to put my arm around her so that she might feel my love, because, you see, she does not see. If I could trade places with her for a few years and give her my life as recompense for the years she has suffered. I would do it gladly for it would only be fair.

▏Extracted from Lillian Dickson Letter Collection▕

#Photo Lillian R. Dickson (second left in the third row), the founder of the Mustard Seed Mission, went to Losheng Sanatorium to visit the Hansen's Disease patients at least once a week till she passed away at work in 1983. For the residents in Losheng Sanatorium, Lillian R. Dickson is their mother forever.


You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself.

Mark 12:30-31

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