E-Newsletter June 2018
Issue Date : 2018/06/15

Low self-confidence and low self-awareness are two developmental problems of underprivileged children. These children are easily influenced by the environment and cause in behavioral deviations. The Mustard Seed Mission hosts Challenge Camp for underprivileged children. In the camp, we bring children to sink into a good community so that they can learn from good role models. They will also know an assumption that even they are not perfect, they still have good things inside of them.

Join Us!! Together We Can Help Needy Children to Explore Themselves!

Go for it!! I Can Make It!
2018/06/11 | editor
I joined the Mustard Seed Mission's Youth Career Training Program, in the program I recognized my career personality and know I have the trait to serve people.


Help Cambodia Children to be Educated!
2018/06/12 | editor
Da and Narin are siblings and live with their grandmother in a remote village. Da and Narin's mother passed away when they were little and their father left them after their mother died...

Together We Share Love
2018/06/15 | editor
Last week we host a gathering between children's sponsors and sponsored children. Before the gathering, sponsors only communicate with children through letters. Children and sponsors were so exciting to meet each other at the gathering. There are 90 people participated in the gathering, including children sponsors, sponsored children, and their parents...

Basketball Game
2018/06/15 | editor
In Mustard Seed Youth Home, there is a basketball court. It is children's favorite place. Since the start of team training, the children's favorite event is to participate in the basketball tournament in the community. Because it shows not only their energy but also their skills taught by coaches during training.

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Children, do what is ordered by your fathers and mothers in the Lord: for this is right. (Ephesians 6:1)

{Lillian R. Dickson's Letter-January 18, 1983}

The Kingdom's goals involved sacrifice. You remember the prophet said to Mary, "A sword shall pierce your own heart also."
Many swords pierced Li1lian's heart. Two little graves in Taiwan bear mute testimony to this fact. She heard the words "Your son has polio" and the news "Your husband has incurable cancer."
There was the stab of loneliness. When my parents went to Taiwan in 1927 the mission field term was 7 years long. Mail would come as infrequently as once every 6 months. Even when they did go on furlough, there never seemed to be enough time to be more than a couple days with the parents she missed so much and then suddenly it was too late.
There were the swords of disappointment, disillusionment and criticism. Lillian consistently left vengeance in the Lord's hands. She could easily have become bitter but instead she concentrated her energy on building the Kingdom.
To behold ugliness but still not withdraw, to combat it instead with kindness, humor, courage and beauty, this is proven character. It is the imprint of Christ on a life.

*Extracted from Lilian Dickson Letter Collection

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