E-Newsletter November 2017    Issue Date:2017/11/15
 Give Thanks for Each Day 
 Thanksgiving is coming! This year the Mustard Seed Mission serves needy families and children with a thankful heart! Our hope is each family and child is able to develop well and eventually they can be a giver in the future!
In this special season, we want to give thanks to who have donated, volunteered, and supported us in many ways. With your help, we are able to bless people through our services.
Wish You a Great Thanksgiving Day!
The Creativity and Confidence from rural talent classes
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Power and Change Showed Because of Love
2017/11/14 | editor
Ann proved himself with lots of compliments in the 5 days camp. Even Ann was sick in day 4, he still worried about his team members.  Ann showed his leadershi
GB’s Bicycle
2017/11/14 | editor
"The variable speed bicycle is so cool and so expensive, and I do have one! I saved so hard from my breakfast money and finally I bought one. It was a pretty bicycl
Thank you for lighting the community Food Bank
2017/11/14 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission Food Bank has been set up this year! It gets a lot of support and response from many compassionate stores. We distribute donated&nbs
A Trip of Love
2017/11/10 | editor
Chi-Chi was so happy to learn the history of Taiwan's traditional dough figuring with a group of elder brothers and sisters from the activities. They not only handmade a nam

Children, do what is ordered by your fathers and mothers in the Lord: for this is right.(Ephesians 6:1)

{Lillian R. Dickson's Letter - January 30, 1981}
While I was at Hwalien this month for the seven Christmases there, a girl with crutches made her way forward to sit by me, and, of course, my mind flew back across the years thinking of her story. She must have had polio shortly after she was born, and her parents, thinking perhaps they could not carry the expense of a cripple for life, put the little girl under a bridge at the edge of a large river. They were hoping the tide would rise, and the waves would eventually carry her away.

Perhaps she was too young to realize what was happening or to scan the encroaching waves with terror. "But God" had other plans. A man, looking down from the bridge, saw her there, and the police rescued her and brought her to us. She has been safe and happy under Christian care ever since, and now she can sew and knit well, so should misfortune ever leave her alone in the world perhaps she can still make her way. I have never seen her look so happy and well and content as this year, and we marvel anew at God's love.

January has marched in with its work too, the end of the year bills and reports, the aftermath of everything. Maintenance, too, raises its imperious head. Our Ban-li Christian Conference Grounds, now 18 years old, has a roof in the church-auditorium that must be redone because of white ants. We are talking of making it of "slab cement" this time hoping it will break their teeth if they try to eat it.

The Student Hostel at Koan-san on the far East Coast was built of bamboo, and it is falling down too. We own a fine piece of property there, so we plan to build with cement blocks a hostel that will last for more than 20 years. This is for Christian mountain students, and their Christian parents are relieved and happy to have their young people stay there under supervision while they attend schools on the plains.

Maintenance problems are not romantic but they are necessary. Just as a house-keeper finds that she must always be renewing and improving things in her home, so we have to do the same with our many places. But we serve literally thousands so that is why it is doubly necessary.

*Extracted from Lilian Dickson Letter Collection

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