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Children Care


Counseling Program

Community Residential Placement
Life Care

Number of beneficiaries: 132


Number of beneficiaries: 600

Consultation, counseling, art therapy.   Enhancing the professional skills and knowledge of caregivers.
Location:  Agape Children's Home     Location: i-ro i-ro Children's Home
Fundraising Goal $US 7,850   Fundraising Goal $US 111,500





Self-reliance Training Program


Diversified Learning Project (Hualien)

Self-reliance Training Program

Number of beneficiaries: 649


Number of beneficiaries: 1,125

Cultivating the ability of children to live independently.   Tutoring + Physical Health + Life Education + Talent Learning Program

Location:  Agape Children's Home

 Mustard Seed Youth Home

  Location:  Mustard Seed Youth Home  
Fundraising Goal $US 11,500   Fundraising Goal $US 17,000



Diversified Learning Project (Shulin)


Community Supportive Children Care

Diversified Learning Project (Shulin)

Number of beneficiaries: 480


Number of beneficiaries: 480

Holding talent learning classes for children. Help children to cultivate self-reliance ability.   Let children from dysfunctional family or with care need to receive proper care in their familiar community.
Agape Children's Home
  Location: i-ro i-ro Children's Home
Fundraising Goal $US 9,900   Fundraising Goal $US 86,000





Community Assistance


Community Disaster Resilience Building and Empowerment

Diversified Learning Project
(for Indigenous children in Rural Areas)

Number of beneficiaries: 5,996


Diversified Learning Project (Rural Areas)

Number of beneficiaries: 1,600

Organizing Disaster Prevention Volunteer teams in communities. Establishing community disaster relief teams and training work.     Through multi-learning and talent performance opportunities, providing children in rural areas to improve confidence and are able to face future challenges bravely. 
Location: All Taiwan   Location: All Taiwan
Fundraising Goal $US 80,900   Fundraising Goal $US 14,900



Community Journalist Empowerment



Community Journalist Empowerment

Number of beneficiaries: 112



Empower community reporters care about the community's living environment and public affairs in the form of interviews and records, stimulate the motivation of citizens to participate, and promote the practices of common good.    
Location: All Taiwan    
Fundraising Goal $US 7,800    




Community Development


Community Emergency Assistance Program


Educational Financial Aid for Disadvantaged Children


Number of beneficiaries: 360


Educational Subsidy

Number of beneficiaries: 500

Providing emergency assistance for families encountering major changes and natural disasters.   Helping vulnerable children who want to access education yet unable to pay the tuition fee.
Location: All Taiwan   Location: All Taiwan
Fundraising Goal $US 135,000   Fundraising Goal $US 222,500



Community Food Bank 


Reunion Dinner Project


Number of beneficiaries: 6,000


Reunion Dinner Project

Number of beneficiaries: 5,500

Build food bank network in Taiwan sharing food to needy families!


For the vulnerable families to experience the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year, and to have a warm meal time with their family and establish a good interactive relationship.

Location: All Taiwan   Location: All Taiwan
Fundraising Goal $US 9,500   Fundraising Goal $US 11,000



50plus Career Empowerment


Challenge Camp for Sponsored Children

50plus Career Empowerment

Number of beneficiaries: 2,000


Number of beneficiaries: 1,440

Matching the second-time employment needs of people over 50 years old and retirees, aiming to achieve the purpose of delaying aging and maintaining healthy living for elders.     Through camp activities and professional guidance, the disadvantaged children could gain confidence and discover ones uniquenes.
Location: All Taiwan   Location: All Taiwan
Fundraising Goal $US 28,000   Fundraising Goal $US 49,000


Youth Empowerment



Youth Empowerment

Number of beneficiaries: 2,000


Improve the self-confidence, interpersonal skills and social development skills of disadvantaged youths, and then apply what they have learned to society and care for those in need.



Location: All Taiwan    
Fundraising Goal $US 9,000    



International Aid


Overseas Community Sponsorship


Overseas Vulnerable Children Sponsorship

Overseas Community Sponsorship

Number of beneficiaries: 72 


Overseas Vulnerable Children Sponsorship

Number of beneficiaries: 168

Assisting TA community in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, Cambodia with child education subsidy, children rights promote and health education.     Assisting vulnerable children to get educated, supplement nutrition and learn skills so that they can grow up safely and even escape poverty in the future.  
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia   Location: Overseas Service Centers
Fundraising Goal $US 32,000   Fundraising Goal $US74,700


Educational Financial Aid for Overseas Disadvantaged College Student


Overseas Emergency Assistance

Number of beneficiaries: 10 


Number of beneficiaries: 8,000

Assist students in Cambodia, India, Nepal, and Malaysia to continue their studies in higher education (collegiate institutions) to obtain academic qualifications and certificates, so as to increase the advantages of vulnerable young people and eliminate the poverty in the future.   Providing emergency assistance for families encountering major changes and natural disasters in Taiwan and all over the world.  
Location: Overseas Service Centers   Location: Overseas Service Centers
Fundraising Goal $US 7,500   Fundraising Goal $US37,500





Service Projects
Online Donation
Children Sponsorship

你要盡心、盡性、盡 意、盡力愛主 ─ 你的神。其次就是說:要愛人如己。(馬可福音12章30-31節)

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31)


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