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  The First Community Sharing Refrigerator in Taitung -A Stronghold for Sharing Love
2021/12/17 | editor

The covid-19 epidemic in the mid-2021 became intensified in Taiwan, where people were advised to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters to reduce the risk of being infected. The protection measure also extends the distance between each other's hearts. Facing the fear of the epidemic, our daily lives and social circles have changed. People are becoming more divided and alienated from each other. As the epidemic gradually slows down, although life cannot fully return to the pre-epidemic period, what more can we do in the meantime for the interaction and relationship between people?

The "Community Sharing Refrigerator " promoted by the Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) in 2019 is precisely a refrigerator that distributes materials at a fixed point, so that families in the community who need to be helped can go out of their own house to interact with others and get basic food and clothing. The chief of Fengrong village in Taitung was connected with MSM. He agreed with the concept of mutual assistance and was very active in cooperating together to improve the sharing refrigerator service. Finally, the first Sharing refrigerator in Taitung was officially opened on October 17th. The establishment of the refrigerator also allowed the residents to come out again and interact with neighbors.

Distribution status of Sharing Refrigerator
Distribution status of Sharing Refrigerator  

The Fengrong community is a village with the widest area and the most residents in Taitung County. There are currently about 10,000 residents. The chief always shuttles and serves in the community, but the chief alone cannot serve effectively. All the residents, therefore, set up a community volunteer team, where the residents take care of the residents' spirit of mutual assistance and keep watch and help each other. From the trial operation of Sharing Refrigerator at the end of September to the official operation took more than a month. Through a refrigerator, the distance between people has been brought closer again, and it has become a connection point of love. There is a local caring store, willing stably provide fresh and healthy steamed buns and share them with the residents in need; residents who come to receive the supplies will also share the good news with neighbors who need them; volunteers also donate their time for free management, and give more caring and greetings to the residents who received it.

Receiving status of Sharing Refrigerator
Receiving status of Sharing Refrigerator
Receiving status of Sharing Refrigerator


On the day of the opening ceremony of the Sharing Refrigerator, a disabled resident in an electric four-wheeled vehicle came to collect the supplies. After being moved by the mutual assistance concept of the Sharing Refrigerator, he told the residents that he was willing to donate the half of the toast to Sharing Refrigerator he had just bought today to let love shared. This resident now often promotes the caring refrigerator in the community, telling families in need that he has become a beneficiary and a donor of the refrigerator, so that this love can continue. Although due to the epidemic, our lives have been changed, and the distance between people has been widened, but through a community refrigerator, it has connected each other with a bridge of warmth and love. When the concept of not wasting, we also care about families in need in the community, and let the spirit of mutual help and love continue to spread in the community.

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