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  Sharing Bits and Pieces, Let the Purpose and Hope Of Life To Last
2020/12/23 | editor

"Thank you very much... This pack of rice came in time and is helping me and my children for several days..."-Fara from Cambodia expressed with deep appreciation.

Fara, from Cambodia, settles down in Taiwan after marriage. Unexpectedly, two years ago, she suffered from her husband's domestic violence. She decided to bring 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter alone with herself. With a meager income from temporary job in a noodle shop, living in a city far away from hometown, isolated and helpless, there have been several times Fara has thought of giving up everything and leaving Taiwan, but because of her love for children, she could not give up after all. Fara decided to try to survive and persist hard moving forward.  

Through the Mustard Seed Mission's COVID-19 Relief Work and the cooperation with the chief of village who have been offering help to disadvantaged residents of the community, MSM social workers get to learn the vulnerable situation of Fara's family, they immediately provide assistance with their daily necessities and meals of the day. Furthermore, to understand the living conditions of the mother and two kids, social workers spend time to care for them and listen to her concerns.

Fara looked at the Pandemic Prevention Relief Package, although the amount of food was limited, it is good enough to sustain a few meals. She was smiling to express deep appreciation, which has not been shown in a long time. She shared with her social workers what she planned to use these available materials to prepare food for the children.  Looking at the smiley faces in front of us while thinking back, a few months ago, the sad faces when we first saw Fara, we are very pleased and thankful for the assistance of the society for supporting Fara's family.  

 At every hidden corner of society, there are stories similar to Fara's family. It may be a neighbor who passes by you every day, but can't ask for help. These people are worrying about meals of the day, and even for trivial things like the basic food and clothing. These are not every day issues for us, but they are a daily problem and challenge to the disadvantaged group who is most likely to be around you and me.

Through the sharing of daily supplies, visits and care, many community families are greatly helped, so that they can get physical and mental comfort as well as life relief, just like Fara and her two children.


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