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  A Warm Soup for The Soul
2021/04/06 | editor

Wayne knows the hardship of his mother being a single mother raising  two children alone and works tirelessly to provide for them all too well. Therefore, he kept his wish to attend the cram school to himself. Instead, he studied hard by himself to repay his mother's sacrifice. He hopes that one day, he will be able to share the burden with his mother and improve the family economy.

The social workers of the Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) community service center learned about the difficulties of Wayne's family, visit them often and brings supplies from food bank to his family. One day, his mother made an appointment with the social worker to come and collect the supplies, there happened to be a cold current coming. Being the considerate and sensible child as he is, Wayne accompanied his mother to the community service center, just in time for the “English soup class". The social worker invited Wayne and his mother to join the class and prepared a pot of hot soup so everyone can enjoy the warm soup while learning in the class.

Apart from serving food, the social workers also provide companionship and comfort to Wayne's family, whether it is about financial pressure or school work. Due to his family situation, Wayne is often bullied at school by other pupils. Fortunate to him, he was often given positive encouragement by the social workers. An elderly lady from the community service center also gave him some gift vouchers for books as a substantial reward to his effort of studying hard and as an incentive for him to move towards his goal. The help from the community, the dedicated companionship of the social workers, and not least Wayne's consideration, all these were taken in by Wayne's mother and she is deeply touched, feeling that she is not alone.

What the food bank provides is not just about food, but love and care to the families in need. We aim to find such families to walk through their hard times with them; a wounded heart needs not only the nutrition of the food, but the nourishment of love and companionship from other people. It is such act of love which has the power to heal and warm up those in need. 

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