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  No More Alone
2019/02/26 | editor

Grandma Grace suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes for many years. Her limbs are weak and her walking is unstable, it causes her falling often. Unfortunately, Grace hurt her back so it made her lay on the bed most of the time... 

Grace's son was sentenced to prison, so there is no one to take care of her. The residential security worried about Grace's daily life and meals, so he tried to connect with community resources for Grace.

Grace now doesn't need to worry about her daily meals

After knowing Grace's situation, the social worker of the Mustard Seed Mission linked to one community food bank near Grace's house, and the food bank staffs prepared daily supplies and food and send them to Grace's house immediately. Besides, the food bank staffs visit Grace and care about her life and health often. 

Day after day, Grace no longer worry about her own daily life. The services of the food bank make Grace feel safe and loved, she knows she isn't alone.

In Taiwan, there are 1.6 million populations a year suffering from hunger!

Yet, more than hundred tons of food are thrown away.

The Mustard Seed Mission see the need and establish community food banks

to receive donated food and offer service in the communities!

Build a Hunger-free Network with Us!

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