Children's Stories How to Sponsor a Child?

Children's Stories:

En-shi is a 7-year-old girl who is in the first grade of elementary school. She has an older brother and two younger brother and sister. One day, En-shi's social workers visit En-shi's family. She found out that En-shi's shoes had a big hole, so she asked En-shi: "Why your shoes are broken but your mother didn't buy new shoes for you?" En-shi answered: "Mom said that it will take some time to get me a new one because there is no money at home."
En-shi, who is thoughtful, continues to say: "At least this shoes still can be worn now. It's okay, I will ask my mom to buy it when there is enough money at home." After the visit, on the way back, the social worker's heart is very sad for En-shi. The social worker is grateful that the child is considerate but also feel sad that En-shi still need to face the reality when she is young… 


En-shi lived with her grandfather, father, mother and three siblings. In her house, the living room had no entrance, the walls were red bricks without cement, the kitchen had no windows, and the whole family stays in the same room.
The whole family only relies on En-shi's father's work to maintain the family household, and a part of the salary that her father earns was used to take care of her sick grandmother. The family economy is quite difficult and tight. Her father often applies for salary advances because the family expenses are insufficient. Since En-shi joined the children sponsorship service, with that help from the sponsor, her family has reduced some financial burden every month. It is a blessing to En-shi's family.

MSM invites you to join us to support children who are in need!
$35USD per month, sponsor one child to grow up with joy and peace.

How to Sponsor a Child?

► If you want to be a sponsor and need to get US/UK donation receipts, you can
  1. Sponsor by Credit Card
    1. Email to let us know you want to be children's sponsor.
    2. After receiving our reply email, click here to Donate $35 Monthly to sponsor one child.
  2. Sponsor by Check
    1. Please make your check payable to "STUF United Fund Inc."
    2. Mail the check to: PO Box 520511, Flushing, NY 11352-0511
    3. Please indicate "The Mustard Seed Mission" and "children's sponsor" on the memo line of your check.
    4. Please email to and to inform both of MSM and STUF regarding of your donation.


  1. 使用信用卡
    1. 寄電子郵件至告訴我們您想成為認養人。
    2. 收到我們回覆的電子郵件後,點擊此處每月捐贈35美元認養一個孩子。
  2. 使用支票
    1. 支票抬頭“STUF United Fund Inc.”
    2. 郵寄支票到:PO Box 520511, Flushing, NY 11352-0511
    3. 請在支票備忘錄上註明“The Mustard Seed Mission”和“children's sponsor”
    4. 請發送電子郵件至和,告知MSM和STUF您捐款的金額和項目


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♥ Target Group: 

Children and youth under 18 years old from families as listed below:

♠ Single parents, divorce, death of one parent

♠ Parentless families

♠ Financial difficulties:

Parents of long-term unemployed,

suffering from serious diseases, and

insufficient income households

♥ Our Services:

♠ Living expense subsidies

♠ High school, vocational school, and college scholarships

♠ Regular home visits

♠ Assistance with incidents including accidents and emergency

♠ Goods supply delivery

♠ Evangelical camps, Christmas and holiday parties

♠ Psychological/Christian faith counseling

♠ Parental education and counseling

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