How to Sponsor a Child? Sponsorship Program  如何認養兒童 認養是什麼?

No matter who and where you are,
your love helps disadvantaged children
have a stable life and go to school continuously!
For years, via the Mustard Seed Mission Sponsorship program, 
more than 5,000 sponsored children in Taiwan are supported and grow up safely!
Thanks to many Sponsors along the journey of kindness,
lives are transformed, blessed and never be the same! 
In the children sponsorship program, children's willingness to continue their studies has increased from 71% in 2021 to 76% in 2022. In the program, regular sponsor fees and education aid will be provided, it can ease the heavy financial burden and enable children to go to school with less pressure. It also helps children build self-confidence, develop characters of tolerance and deal with problems through strength-building activities so that they will have more confidence to face challenges in the future. However, the support from their original family is usually less. Thus, with long-term support from society, disadvantaged children would be able to be a giver and help other people one day in the future.
June Tsai (六月, the third from the right) along with MSM and other sponsors
together to invite people to join MSM Children Sponsorship Program
to help disadvantaged children in order to turn their lives into a better future!
Life stories from MSM sponsors
Sharing the Love to Bless more Children I am Single, but I Have 2 Children to Take Care
Fang blesses all the sponsored children to receive love and give love in the future. Read over the children’s letters, I always feel happy and joyful

$35USD per month, sponsor one child to grow up with joy and peace!

 How to Sponsor a Child?

1. Email and let us know  How many children do you want to sponsor  How long would you like to sponsor (at least one year)  Leave your name (the same as the donation receipt)  waiting for the email reply ( within 3 working days)

2. After receiving the email REPLY , you can  Sponsor by Online Donation (provide US/UK tax-deductible donation receipt ONLY)


   ​Sponsor by Check (provide US tax-deductible donation receipt ONLY)

STEP 1: Please make your check payable to "STUF United Fund Inc."

STEP 2: Mail the check to: PO Box 520511, Flushing, NY 11352

STEP 3: Please indicate "The Mustard Seed Mission" and "Children Sponsorship" on the memo line of your check.

STEP 4: Please email to " " and "" to inform both of MSM and STUF regarding of your donation.

*Once we receive the donation notification, we will go into the matching process. The children sponsorship documents will be emailed to you after the matching has been done.


 What is Children Sponsorship?

The sponsor regularly assists one or more vulnerable children and provides children with financial assistance, care visits, education scholarship, group activities, and other services to assist children. Through the Children Sponsorship Program, we aim to help children to overcome difficulties, to attend school regularly, and grow up happily.

 Children We Serve

1. Children in Agape Children's Home, Mustard Seed Youth Home, and i-ro i-ro Children's Home, residential placements ran by the Mustard Seed Mission.

2. Underprivileged children in Taiwan. The Mustard Seed Mission and its community service centers will go deep in communities in Taiwan and serve needy children from underprivileged families.


1. Email  並於信中告訴我們  預計認養的兒童數  預計認養的時長 (至少一年)  捐款抬頭  等候我們的EMAIL回覆 (3個工作天內會收到回覆)

2. 收到芥菜種會回覆的EMAIL後  線上捐款進行認養  (僅提供美國/英國捐款收據)


  支票捐款進行認養 (僅提供美國捐款收據)

 1. 支票抬頭請寫 "STUF United Fund Inc."

 2. 將支票郵寄至: PO Box 520511, Flushing, NY 11352

  3. 請在支票備註欄寫上 "The Mustard Seed Mission" 及 "Children Sponsorship"  

 4.請 email 至 " " 及 "" 告知芥菜種會及 STUF 有關您捐款的事宜。






  1. 本會安置機構兒童青少年:本會於台灣設有愛心育幼院、少年之家及團體家庭等安置機構,院童多為縣市政府轉介,屬於因家庭發生重大變故,無法在原生家庭正常生活的兒童及青少年,縣市主管機關評估其家庭功能不全或無法返家,本會為這些兒童擬定適切的長期輔導計畫,並培養其獨立生活的能力,照顧陪伴兒童至18歲離院。

  2. 國內弱勢兒童青少年:本會關懷服務台灣社區中貧困弱勢的兒童及青少年,經實地家庭訪視評估,確認兒童確實需要協助後,本會即透過認養方式,為他們提供每月經濟補助直至大學專科畢業或其家庭經濟改善為止,並定期由訪視人員定期家訪、電訪關心兒童及青少年生活學習狀況,更於每年辦理節慶活動,邀請服務家庭共同參與。

Service Projects
Online Donation
Children Sponsorship

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