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  Got Back to Pei-Hsin Home
2022/05/06 | editor

"I'm back again, teacher!" Wesley said. I was surprised when I saw Wesley stared and smiled at me.

"Wesley, why do you come back?" I asked. Then I learned that after Wesley left Pei-Hsin Home, he moved to another long-term residential facility, where he reported being bullied by peers and not validated by teachers. Wesley had his own views of what he should do and was reluctant to admit his own fault and apologize. Furthermore, he repeatedly ran away from care because he missed his mother and grandmother. Care workers there were struggling with managing his behavior.

Wesley mentioned missing everything provided in Pei-Hsin Home after transferring to another placement. He said that whatever conflicts he ran into in Pei-Hsin Home were minor arguments and verbal warfare. All parties in the conflict would work things out in the end. Wesley missed food from Pei-Hsin Home. Although they were common dishes, the mealtime provided a family-like atmosphere which brought comfort to him.

He had been the subject of bully early on in new facility and was in conflict with others much of the time. Wesley was labeled as 'troublemaker' by teachers and frequently got punished. He was then down to the path of anger, resentment, and distrust of all things. Traumatic memories which brought up by new stressful life events kept haunting Wesley.

After listening to Wesley's complaint, on one hand, I was heartbroken that he had gone through a season where he got frustrated and distressed, but on the other hand, I expected him to get enough challenge to better himself. I consoled him by saying that great effort and perseverance were crucial elements of success and encouraged him to strive hard, not wrap himself in cotton wool, and find the courage to face the future. I was hoping that the trauma Wesley had experienced was soothed by God and that he would gain the strength he needed from God to grow more mature and change for his good.


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