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  Three Siblings Who Couldn't Sleep Well
2022/04/13 | editor

One night, a slender boy, Andrew, came to Pei-Hsin Home (the Home). He, with a black and blue bruise on his face, spoke very quietly. Although he had been already in the sixth grade of elementary school, his thin body contrastingly unmatched with his age. Andrew has an older sister and a younger sister. Due to domestic violence, all of them were placed under the protection by the government. The perpetrator was their stepfather.

Their stepfather had no job, leaving the entire family's financial burden on their mother. Mother had to leave early in the morning to work and when she returns home, after finishing her housework she was too exhaustive to take care her kids, but to rush into the room to sleep to restore the physical strength for tomorrow's work. But at this time, it was the time when stepfather woke up. He would wake up the three sleeping siblings to watch his playing computer games. If they were too sleepy to keep awake, they would be beaten by their stepfather. If their mother stopped his abusive behavior, she would also get beaten. After playing until dawn, their stepfather, buying and eating breakfast only for his own, fell to sleep till night. The poor little siblings could only drag their tired pace to go to school with empty stomach.

The days of abuse ended because of the government's intervention. Andrew came Pei-Hsin Home, an emergency short-term resettlement home for boys. Under the constant and careful care of the Home, Andrew's weight quickly increased to 30 kilograms in just over two months. More importantly, he used to be unable to speak, spoke in a low voice, and looked very unconfident. He has progressed to the point where he can interact with other teenagers, tell jokes, and regain the liveliness and cheerfulness that belongs to his age.

The urgent short-term resettlement is to help Andrew and his sisters for better arrangements. It is really happy to learn recently that Andrew and his sisters can go to a long-term out-of-home care institution together. We hope they can grow up together and look forward someday that with the strengthening of parental education, Andrew can return to his family.

For abused children, they need love and encouragement very much. The staff in urgent residential placement facility must provide help in time, and selflessly dedicate their time and energy to help the children to face changes. Perhaps in the view of ordinary people, it may be a small contribution, but it gives the child the courage to keep going. In that short period of time and space, to help the child, accompany the child for a while, and let the child grow up smoothly, is the biggest purpose of Pei-Hsin Home, an emergency short-term resettlement home.

Come on kid! You are bound to be better.

 Andrew learning prepare dishes in the kitchen at Home

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