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  A Holistically Devoted Approach Pays to Discover A Teenager's Talent
2020/09/03 | editor

"Juan rarely demonstrates any passion into one single work with such patience and devotion…" A comment made by the teachers seeing Juan making potter. It rings the bell of all the memory.  Recalled the fearful eye contact of Juan when he first arrived at Pei-Hsin Home.  Juan was mistreated by his mother with mental disorder. Since then, he appears to suffer from low self-esteem. Juan often feels he makes no contribution to the family; neither can he open his heart to embrace the praise from others. Nevertheless, Juan is trapped in a denial mode with intention to pull the trigger and blow up the school. 

Being a very silent individual, Juan is reluctant to mingle with the peers. Most of the time, he stays in the room reading and doing things on his own. Moreover, he usually takes off early during the class hours.  It consumes a lot of effort to persuade him back to the class, let alone see him stay focus for homework or drawing. 

One time, at the art class, the teacher introduced throwing for the pottery work. He taught the students how to operate throwing machine. This required to pile each piece of clay, then gradually shaped it into making a mug. When everyone in the class was playing around clay, Juan sat alone in front of the machine. He followed the instructions, slowly squeezed the clay and made a hole to fill with water. Subsequently, the process led to shape the body of a mug. While most of the students were lack of patience and accidentally deformed the shape of mug, Juan worked to complete the piece of work.  In fact, he is one of the few teenagers to finish and turn in the final work. 

It is pleasing to discover Juan is interested and gifted in pottery during the class. This endurance he shows is valuable personal trait we never observe in the past. In progress, Juan starts socializing with other teenagers among different activities. He is no longer too shy to accept the praise from people. We believe, over time, Juan will definitely walk out of the shadows from his family and be open minded to enjoy the kindness the world brings toward him.


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