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  Life's Turning Point
2020/05/07 | editor

Leon came to Pei-Hsin Home in August this year. Due to his family background and a difficult upbringing, he obviously gave up on himself. He once said "If one is not even afraid of death, what else could stop him?" It is hard not to feel sorry and a sense of tenderness when you hear a child saying things like this; wondering what kind of experiences would cause a child to give up his life so easily?

Leon celebrating his birthday in Pei Hsin Home
Leon celebrating his birthday in Pei Hsin Home

Social workers in Pei-Hsin Home talked to Leon many times, sometimes they even accompanied him to seek medical treatment in the middle of the night! They tried to encourage him, guide him and show him care all the time. He has changed his mind from "not being afraid to die" to have expectations to perhaps start a family of his own in the future. However, he still worries that his future child might be a copy of his old self and would withdraw a bit as a result, giving up the thought to become a father one day. The social workers would remind him that he should always stay vigilant since he is aware of his own past, strive to build a better future for the next generation and stride towards a bright family life with bravery.

In addition, he often felt being useless and unwanted in this world because of his family background. At a time like this, the social workers would give examples showing how other people in a similar situation overcame adversaries, turning their lives around from being a stray to great philanthropist. Harsh environment is often the best teacher to train our minds, turning our misfortunes into blessings. We shall make use of such past experience as a chance to think how we can overcome life's obstacles and to help those children in similar situations.

No one is born with a merit and everyone is in this world with a purpose. It's all up to oneself to find out what it is. We shall not let our lives be controlled by those who hurt us, but rather use the scar for the benefit of self-development and to turn our lives around, turning the sufferings into blessings.

Today, Leon has learned how to control his mood. He is no longer easily provoked. Although he is still anxious about his future, he now knows that his life is precious and full of wonderful blessings.

About Pei Hsin Home

"Company starts from a heart."

A group of youths from broken families and they have their own stories.  When we accompany those youth, we saw hopeless in their eyes.  While they live in the Pei-Hsin, they feel secure and have a rest.  Although their future is uncertainty, we would like to walk with them to find out their own ways, to develop their ability and create their own value.

Our Services

• To provide a short-term shelter for youth's placement and daily care, counseling and education.

• To provide each case a professional counseling services (including regular meetings, group activities, individual plan and dealing with emergencies), making records for regular cases evaluation, and cooperating with the social worker, who is in charge of the public sector, to set and execute placement program.

• Based on individual needs, we arrange suitable activities and courses to help youth back to school.

• To connect with medical resources and to build a medical treatment network for maintaining youth’s health needs.


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