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  Craving for Love
2020/03/06 | editor

The day when Paul, a little boy with autism, arrived at Pei-Hsin Home, he said to the social worker, "I am only here temporarily, going to leave in two days." As his caregiver ushered him into his room, he hid in the corner and stayed silent. When his peers and teachers try to talk to him, he tends to avoid eye contact and slowly walk away.

Paul had to constantly worry about the meals supply throughout his childhood. Due to his incompetency in communicating with others, he often got bullied and made fun of, causing him to be even more insecure and antisocial. He likes to stay in his room throughout the days, reading his favorite book, 'Journey to the West'. He imagines himself as the main character, Sun Wukong, hoping he can be as powerful and capable as him so that people will like him.

One day when Paul was having lunch, he shared a joke with everyone out of nowhere. The joke goes, "Friendship between monkeys, guess a name of a person". When everyone responded with enthusiasm, he didn’t really know how to react. He has an imaginary world inside his heart; yet he tries extremely hard to communicate with people in his own way, and the teachers could tell that he craves love and care.

At the end of the summer break, the teachers brought the kids to the National Concert Hall. Paul said he has never been here before; neither did he ever listen to live music. Paul wrote down his feeling happily about his experience afterwards:

"We took a long ride on the MRT to get to the National Concert Hall. Our purpose is to listen to the 'Octangle Male Choir'. After we got the tickets, we walked into the magnificent building. As we sat down and waited for a while, the light in the concert hall turned on and off for three times; the concert is finally about to start. The leader of the choir came out and introduced their performance to the audience. Oh! It's about a character in the Bible, King David. I'm super excited because I've never been here before. I hope one day I can also be as successful and perform on stage in front of everyone because a teacher once told me, it's the greatest honor for a performer to be able to stand on stage. Time flied and the concert ended. I really wish I could've listened to more pieces of music. We stopped by the entrance of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall as we were heading out and admired its beauty."

Hope Paul can find love and his dream in the Pei-Hsin Home.

Pei-Hsin Home provides a short-term shelter for youth's placement and daily care, counseling and education.

"Company starts from a heart." A group of youths from broken families and they have their own stories. When we accompany those youth, we saw hopeless in their eyes.  While they live in the Pei-Hsin, they feel secure and have a rest. Although their future is uncertainty, we would like to walk with them to find out their own ways, to develop their ability and create their own value.


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