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  I Love Pei-Hsin
2020/01/06 | editor

I have been at Pei-Hsin Home for around a month. I have been well-fed over here and have eaten many delicious food such as fried chicken wings and rice wrapped in egg. I often think if only my own family could feed me well, if only my parents are willing to listen to me, if only they are not so bias against me… Then perhaps I will be like what I am now at Pei-Hsin, a smart student in the eyes of my teachers, an adorable child, a loving and protective brother...

I live to eat and I get hungry often when I was home. Hence, it was not once or twice that I took money from home to get a good meal outside. My actions were judged by my own parents who would always choose my younger brother over me and so they decided to cast me out of my home. Thankfully, social workers took me to Pei-Hsin Home. It has been a lovely experience growing up here, full of warmth and love. I am able to learn many new things, and most importantly, I get to eat three meals.

Apart from learning to cook, I also got my hands on pottery
Apart from learning to cook, I also got my hands on pottery

On my first day at Pei-Hsin Home, a teacher taught us how to cook, and it was my first time chopping up ingredients. My teacher was afraid that I might hurt myself but I was good enough to chop up everything without hurting myself. I was happy as I was praised for my work! On the second day, another teacher taught us how bake multigrain bread after dinner. Together, we looked at the recipe, prepared the ingredients and kneaded the dough. After baking the bread, I realised that the multigrain bread was very delicious, and I usually do not like multigrain bread. I guess that is the difference between store bought bread and freshly baked bread!

Our teachers began to reveal to us that most of our meals and ingredients have been sponsored by the PxMart Pei Hua Dream Social Welfare Foundation. Hence, I am very grateful for the supply of fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients for our daily meals. I have enjoyed my time at Pei-Hsin Home. Every day, every meal, every lesson and every teacher has been nothing but amazing. The teachers here are patient and kind, and will always lend a listening ear to share our thoughts. I feel that Pei-Hsin Home is indeed a safe and warm space. The social workers here said we are only able to stay for a couple of months before moving on to a youth home permanently. I will definitely always remember the teachers here. I will definitely be back when I turn 18, and return the kind favours I have received as a youth volunteer.

Pei-Hsin Home provides a short-term shelter for youth's placement and daily care, counseling and education.

"Company starts from a heart." A group of youths from broken families and they have their own stories. When we accompany those youth, we saw hopeless in their eyes.  While they live in the Pei-Hsin, they feel secure and have a rest. Although their future is uncertainty, we would like to walk with them to find out their own ways, to develop their ability and create their own value.


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