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Appreciation, Content with Happiness
2020/06/04 | editor
Jen understands strongly from the bottom of his heart that food needs to be cherished rather than wasted. 

Life's Turning Point
2020/05/07 | editor
"If one is not even afraid of death, what else could stop him?" It is hard not to feel sorry and a sense of tenderness when you hear a child saying things li

Craving for Love
2020/03/06 | editor
The day when Paul, a little boy with autism, arrived at Pei-Hsin Home. He said to the social worker, "I am only here temporarily, going to leave in two days.&quo

I Love Pei-Hsin
2020/01/06 | editor
I have been at Pei-Hsin Home for around a month. I have enjoyed my time here. Every day, every meal, every lesson and every teacher has been nothing but amazing. 

Pei-Hsin Home, a Home accompanies and comforts
2019/12/06 | editor
When he encountered questions that he didn't want to answer, he would open his "squinted eyes" wide, signaling us that "stop asking! "

The Magical Life in Pei-Hsin Home
2019/09/09 | editor
When Ching first arrived at Pei-Hsin Home, he had attention deficit issues. Through the process of magic learning, Ching developed patience via practicing tricks with poke

A Whole New Love
2019/08/08 | editor
Due to some sudden family incidents, Ding Ding and his scavenging grandfather were forced to sleep rough in a park like a pair of homeless people. 

A New journey, A New Hope
2018/05/14 | editor
Ka had been subjected to family violence and his limbs were often beaten with scars before arriving at Pei-Hsin Home. And that's the reason why he had a melancholic personal

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