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Protecting Home starts with Ourselves
2022/07/12 | editor
Pei-Hsin Home not only provides a safe haven for children to relax physically and mentally, but also stabilizes and regulates their lives in their school and rest.

Treat Kids With Love
2022/06/14 | editor
"Why can't I go home?" one kid asked. The majority of children coming into Pei-Hsin Home resisted developing any relationship with the staff because th

Got Back to Pei-Hsin Home
2022/05/06 | editor
Wesley was labeled as 'troublemaker' by teachers and frequently got punished, he had been the subject of bully early on in new facility and was in conflict wi

Three Siblings Who Couldn't Sleep Well
2022/04/13 | editor
At the night Andrew came to Pei-Hsin Home, with a black and blue bruise on his face, spoke very quietly. Although he had been already in the sixth grade of elementary school, hi

Jacob, Life Transformed in Pei-Hsin Home
2022/03/10 | editor
Jacob grew up in a single-parent family and lived with his father. Two years ago, his father died suddenly at home due to a sudden myocardial infarction, and Jacob was by his fat

Pei-Hsin Home: Heart Changing amid Pandemic
2022/02/16 | editor
When the epidemic hit the peak, Dren came to Pei-Hsin Home. He was very inarticulate and not easy to get close to. The teachers had to guide Dren in one-on-one compa

The Issue of Charlie's Self-Cognition
2022/01/13 | editor
Charlie, a 14-year-old boy whose parents are drugs addict, his mother was on drugs when she was pregnant with Charlie, so Charlie is a drug poisoned baby who has never been love

Experiences That Spark Joy
2021/12/02 | editor
When Rudy came into care, he was short and skinny. Teachers in Pei-Hsin Home were heartbroken for Rudy because apart from bruises all over his body, he was frightened as t

Looking Forward to The Family Reunion
2021/10/26 | editor
A few months ago, Gordon's family went through an unfortunate event which forced them to become homeless and live in a park. 

Pei Hsin Home- A Place of Blue Sky for A 12-Year-Old Child
2021/09/09 | editor
After a fierce fight with his father, Chad, 12-year-old, was taken away from his family by a social worker and came to the Pei-Hsin Home...

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