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【Reception Center】

The warm and natural reception center is where the check-in is located, with tourist information, special souvenirs and honest shops.
Equipment: small round table and sofa, internet, computer, fair trade honest shop, Hualien travel books, sinks, water dispensers, washing supplies, vending machines.
check-in honest shop


【Conference Hall】

The wide and bright conference hall can accommodate up to 120 people for events, suitable for lectures, group events, and as a rainy venue for outdoor activities.
Equipment: folding table and chair, 2 sets of projection equipment, whiteboard, wireless microphone, sound control room, clever pad, toilet


Vocational Training Center has many classrooms which are able to accommodate up to 30 people for each classroom.
It is suitable for study and lectures and can also be used as a rain space for outdoor activities.  



Up to 14 round tables for group dining. The restaurant is clean and bright, and the dishes are delicious. It is the best choice for dining.
"Lunch and dinner table dishes" 8 to 10 people a table, you can also choose self-service
enlightenedEconomic first choice: five dishes and one soup
enlightenedChef recommended: six dishes and one soup (with fruit)
enlightenedSumptuous cuisine: seven dishes and one soup (with fruit, dessert)


【BBQ Area】 

The barbecue area with a shelter is the best way to go for a group trip!
The water source is near and there is lighting, which is suitable for everyone to have a good night with barbecue!
(Vocational Training Center can order barbecue ingredients!)



【Campfire Area】 

The campfire on the large lawn next to the church is the most intimate venue for group gatherings, suitable for large-scale group activities and campfire evening venues.
You need to bring your own rain and lighting facilities.




【Central Lawn】

Suitable for outdoor activities and can accommodate up to 500 people.



The quaint church has always been the spiritual center of the apprenticeship, and many people will take photos here.
Church rental terms will be updated in the near future.


【Tea Cake for Meeting】   

Handcrafted from the Vocational Training Center Baking Kitchen, it offers a variety of meeting snacks such as biscuits, cakes, fruit, and beverages.
Handmade biscuits: raisin shortbread, Danish small cake, sesame crepes, almond tiles, cranberry scott...etc.
enlightenedCake: Sponge Slices, Raisin Cup Cake, Hurricane Swiss Roll Slices, Seaweed Floss Swiss Roll, Corn Spicy Salty Cake...etc.
enlightenedFruits: seasonal fruits such as guava, pineapple, watermelon, tomato, etc.
enlightenedBeverage: aromatic marigold, medlar, fairy grass tea, etc.


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