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  Finally, We Can Go Back to School Together
2022/05/11 | editor

Nepal has suspended classes for a long time since the epidemic. Children finally started going back to school in October last year. Children in our service center in grades 10 and below got good grades of A or A+, and children in grades 11 and 12 also passed the semester exams. The children were able to keep up academically, including the frail and ill Kaiser.

Kaiser is in grade 11 and is currently majoring in management. When he was a child, he studied in a school in the village and got good grades in mathematics, but there is no middle school in the village, so he can only go to the city to study. Kaiser originally planned to leave the village in 2020 to enter the service center of our partner Mercy Now in Kathmandu in order to further his studies. However, during the health check before entering the center, it was found that Kaiser had tuberculosis and was unable to live in the center with other children. He had to go back to his hometown and receive daily medication from the village clinic.

In this academic year of 2021, our working partner had a new medical examination for him. Although it is still infectious tuberculosis, this time, the center has the ability to handle such a disease condition and provide him with a lot of nutritional supplements. Two months later, Kaiser's tuberculosis became non-infectious, and he only needed to continue taking the medicine for 6-12 months.

Thanks to the continuous funding of the sponsors, we can adjust the equipment of the service center so that the physically handicapped children still have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

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