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  Sponsored Children in Cambodia - My Family Has A Cow
2022/04/05 | editor

The Mustard Seed Mission is working with two cooperative organizations which support a total of 114 sponsored children in Cambodia.  Micah Cambodia, one of the organizations, serves financially distressed families in rural areas, located outside the capital Phnom Penh, where transportation is inconvenient with under-developed infrastructure. 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Cambodia, the agricultural products export has been blocked, hence, the agricultural products price is collapsed.  As a result, the income of farming households reduced sharply.  At the same time, prices of various products climbed skyrocketed.  During this difficult period in life, we distributed food packs to households who need help.  The content of food packs includes fish sauce, rice, noodles, edible oil and masks.

This season, our sponsored boy, Narin, once again received a gift voucher from the original sponsor of his deceased sister, Da. Narin's family is poor, both his sister and brother are all on sponsorship service program.  Their mother died early, and their father left them since and never came home to visit the family. The brother and sister had to live with their grandmother, or live with relatives, while relying on picking up cow dung and selling it to make a living.  Unfortunately, in 2020, their grandmother passed away, with various factors including aging, malnutrition, and illness. The sister and brother had no choice but live with the aunt. In March last year, when the sister Da was still alive, the sponsor specifically sponsored a gift voucher of TWD 5,000  (about USD180) as extra aid to help go through epidemic outbreak. Our staff helped the family plan how to properly use this extra amount of donation, and planned to buy a cow to produce income for the children and eventually become a pool of dedicated fund for the use of future education and living expenses.  Unfortunately, Da passed away in September of that year due to heart disease, nephrotic syndrome, malnutrition, and intestinal inflammation.  After consulting Da's sponsor, with his consent, we transferred a sum of his two donated gifts voucher, originally given to Da, to the younger brother. Such arrangement allows Narin to fulfill his wish to buy a cow this year. In order to ensure the "special fund/special use for cattle", the local staff of the Association, under the witness of the third person, signed a contract with the aunt to ensure that the future producing income from this cow will not be used by the aunt personally.

Owning a cow is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement for the family who originally lived by collecting cow dung. From now on, they can rely on the income produced by the cow and the cow dung to maintain a stable source of income. Thank you for your support  and reach out timely to poor children.  

Watching the children grow up, there is pain, tears and joy.  We deeply believe that if we sow today, we will reap with joy in the future.  Life is full of infinite power of goodness and beauty!

The Mustard Seed Mission invites you to sponsor overseas economically distressed children together, provide financial subsidies, help children overcome difficulties in stages, go to school, work smoothly, and let children learn and grow happily.



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