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  Say Goodbye to A Difficult Year Of 2021
2022/03/14 | editor

Until the fall of 2021, Cambodia is still threatened by the coronavirus (COVID19), and the Delta virus strain sneak in from abroad has also begun to invade the whole nation, people are highly concerned of the speed of transmission and death caused by the virus.

During the same period, schools have gradually reopened, and the Cambodian government has also begun to deliver vaccine shot of COVID-19 for citizens between 6-17 years old. In early September, areas with less impacted by pandemic have gradually reopened. Children need to be seated by spacing out one extra seat, because of this special arrangement, a class must be divided into two classes. However, there are still children who do not go back to school because they are worried about the virus infection. Nevertheless, children who do not return to school do not have smartphones as well as the Internet access. It is difficult for teachers to follow up whether the children are still studying hard at home, and some even miss the mid-term exams. As 2022 is approaching, students will move up to next grade. Although the Ministry of Education will provide informal courses, the learning barriers and information gaps between children remains huge. Our local partners told us some children cannot access to online learning, as they don't have computers or smartphones; moreover, due to the lack of modern infrastructure in place, some places only receive low signal. Therefore, according to information from teachers, parents and local village chiefs, children is lacking the ability to build up knowledge during the process of learning. As a result, children who used to perform well in exams is dropping scores compared to pre-epidemic. Some children even planned to stop pursuing further studies. For example, a high school graduate was admitted to university this year, but, instead of going to college, he decided to transfer and attend a short-term technical course. He plans to join work force first and may consider university admission as situation permits. The similar situations were discovered by our local partners via various family interviews, they therefore provide assistance timely.

In addition to Phnom Penh, the projects of the Mustard Seeds Mission in Cambodia also cover the provinces of Kandal, Takéo, Kampong Speu, Polo Veng, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey. The pandemic has brought tremendous impact on those families who live by daily wages to merely support enough food to eat. Many of our sponsored families do not have jobs and money to buy extra goods to meet family needs. As the prices of products have risen across the board, sometimes even the necessary supplies for pandemic prevention such as masks, and disinfection alcohol, etc. are not available. Many households lack enough food. In early September our partners prepared food packs, including rice, fish sauce, soy sauce, salad oil and noodles. In addition, uniforms and school supplies were provided for the children to prepare for their return to school. During the interview, the co-workers found that the two children lost too much weight and did not have enough food to eat, so they provided additional food and material assistance. During this period, as many hospitals are receiving COVID-19 infected patients, it is not as easy for parents to bring children see a doctor. Clinics are not taking more patients for fear of infection. During the pandemic, children lived in poor living conditions and lacked food. In fact, the pandemic had a huge impact on children of our sponsorship program.

The pandemic has made it difficult for staff to visit and collect information on children. However, we use various methods and channels to ensure that assistance is not interrupted. We encourage families and children do not give up. As we are passing a difficult 2021, what greet us is rising hopes full of grace and power.


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