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  The Survival of Indonesia's Prefabricated Housing Community
2022/02/10 | editor

Right after the 2018 Indonesian tsunami, the Mustard Seed Mission entered the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi.  It is estimated around 50,000 citizens have been affected in the city, however, as of this year, victims are still living in Talise Temporary Housing. Since the tragedy of tsunami, 120 families have been staying at tents until the temporary housing became available of late.  While there was news last year that these people might be able to receive grants or assistance for permanent housing in 2021, up to date, it is still lack of confirmation regarding the firm schedule of launch. In fact, the location of permanent housing remains under land leveling stage.   At the same time, the process of land expropriation by the central government is still in dispute with the original landlord.

Since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the central and regional governments have restricted business and social activities. Some households earning their income on the daily wage basis have been unable to find similar type of jobs, some have even lost their jobs. Nevertheless, a few households unfortunately suffered fire accident, as a result, they are forced to relocate. At the same time, households no longer receive their monthly government stipends. According to the information collected by the local partners of the Mustard Seed Mission, 43% of the households in the community daily wage earners, yet the daily salary is as little as USD$3.7 to $11.1. Therefore, food packs were needed and distributed for them during the pandemic last year. Furthermore, this year's COVID-19 variants are even more severed; during which our local partners lost two relatives in the second half of the year.  Even under such difficult conditions, partner Fery still did not forget the needs of temporary housing for residents, he re-initiated the survey to collect the statistics in October, and based on the data collected, the distribution of food packs is re-launched to help 120 temporary housing families during the pandemic.

Although the construction of permanent houses appears to be far from completion, the pandemic situation is gradually improving. Local businesses are back in operations, many households living in the temporary housing community have used government project loans to operate mini grocery stores and snack bars.  We look forward to seeing this community grow further with strength and resilience next year.  I would also like to thank the donors who are willing to share resources and love during the COVID pandemic era. 


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