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  The Philippines Typhoon Rai Emergency Relief
2022/01/13 | editor

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Rai, the 15th typhoon to hit the Philippines in 2021, made landfall on Siargao Island on 12/16, a popular tourist and surfing destination in the Caraga region of northeast Mindanao.
As the climate crisis worsens, cyclones are becoming more intense and destructive. Rai evolved rapidly from the equivalent of a Category 1 to a Category 5 storm in just 24 hours, packing winds of up to 260 kilometers (160 miles) per hour.

According to the NDRRMC situation report, Super Typhoon Rai caused more damage than 3 typhoons combined at the end of 2020:

Situational Report for Super Typhoon Rai (NDRRMC)

  • 1,807,532 families (5.972 million people) and more than a million of children of less than 15 years age are affected by the storm.
  • 407 people are reported to be dead in the Typhoons and 66 are reported missing.
  • 1,360,203 houses have been damaged, out of which 368,441 houses are fully collapsed.
  • The damage to the agriculture, livestock, fisheries and agro facilities is estimated to be about 213 million USD. Tens of thousands of farmers have lost their crops due to the flood and storm surge.
  • The damage and destruction to livelihoods, assets and infrastructure is estimated to be about 345 million.

Local Priority Humanitarian Needs

  1. Damage of power, communication and transportation systems Shelter
  2. Drinking water
  3. Food (including mask)
  4. Cash assistance
  5. Shelter

According to our local working partners, the immediate needs are: Food and Sanitation. For the most affected households, hunger, sanitation and hygiene are the survival challenges they are facing everyday.


We urgently respond to the needs by delivering 2-week Food Relief Package and WASH Packs to 500 most affected families in Palawan and Siargao Island and Dinagat Islands. Address the immediate household food and nutrition security and WASH needs to maintain the basic survival needs of the people in need.

  • Food package: Rice, Sardines, Corned beef, Canned Tuna, Cooking Oil, A Gallon of drinking water, Biscuits, Monggo Beans, Dried Fish
  • WASH Pack: Soaps and face masks

This relief fund will urgently deliver Food Relief Package and WASH Packs to 500 most affected families, with a focus on single parents, women without families, elderly, people with disability. 

Plan for Next Steps

Delivering food packages will be the first step for the emergency. We would prepare ourselves for the next needs that occur. According to the current situation, we estimate the needs to the next level would be life stability, pandemic prevention, and safety. However, the following steps will be adjusted based on the situation at that time.

  1. Food and nutrition need of 2,000 vulnerable people are addressed for a period of three weeks. We will ensure food provision of at least 2 weeks, which will give time for the families to go back to jobs, wages. The beneficiaries include a focus on single parents, women without families, elderly, people with disability.
  2. 500 most-affected families are provided with WASH kits to ensure them to have the right to stay COVID protected amid the typhoon-impacted environment.
  3. Purchase tarpaulins to repiar temporary shelters or distribute it to affected families to cover the roof in order to keep them from rain or cold.


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