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  Community Child Support Program in Cambodia - A Review Of 3 Year Milestone
2022/01/13 | editor

It has been three years since the Mustard Seed Mission came to the Tropaing Anchanh community (TA community) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The establishment of the TA community was as a result of relocating residents to the suburban area in response to the government’ urban renewal program of Phnom Penh city.  At the time of moving, due to the lack of infrastructure provided by the government and unstable livelihoods, the community needs to rely on non-profit organizations to provide water and food supplies for quite sometime.  Some families are forced to suffer income reduction due to relocation to the suburbs. Parents have to go far out to work. They leave home early and return late, and leave their children at home alone. With multiple problems intertwined, households in the community have challenges such as intimate violence.  Our partner there is to provide children with after-school support.

There are currently about 1,000 households in the TA community. The Mustard Seed Mission will support 76 children in 54 households, 45 girls and 31 boys.  Among them, 53 are in elementary school, 9 are in junior high school, and 14 are in high school.  Unlike other countries in the world, schools were shut down for most of the last year, in Cambodia, the first wave of epidemics did not occur until February last year, so due to the shutdown, their classes have only recently resumed.  As soon as the classes and activities resume, the partners of the Mustard Seed Mission still tried their best to continue to support the children's after-school tutoring, school supplies and uniforms. In addition, they also distributed material packages and performed more than 90 home visits.  For this program of cooperation, we also plan to donate bicycles to sponsored children in rotation on yearly basis ( part of the expenses will be borne by their parents). In the first half of this year, a total of 12 children have received bicycles as a means of transportation for commuting to school.

The results survey in June this year also showed that from the beginning of the program in 2018 to the present, in addition to the period of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown to cause the activities were temporarily suspended, the continuous activities of children's extra curriculum have  allowed children to develop social skills and healthy life style in grate manner.  68% of children have dreams or goals for their future plans, they also set up action plans and target to finish high school or university education with strong ambition, 74% are confident that they can take part in extra curriculum activities, schools and community activities, 81% are confident that they can explicitly express their opinions to parents or teachers, 90% able to interact with others appropriately and politely.  The children’s hygiene habits are also well taught. More than 91% of the children get toothpaste and toothbrushes, 95% of the children develop the habit of bathing in a proper way twice a day, and 80% of the girls can properly use and change sanitary napkins during their menstrual periods.

What comes with unexpected pleasance is that our partners also value the training for parents, therefore we take initiatives to organize parent-related skills and financial management programs.  As a result, 84% of mothers and 76% of fathers have achieved to take care of their children’s homework during the suspension of the epidemic, 72% of mothers and 76% of fathers have a good relationship with school teachers, 91% of mothers and 90% of fathers have invested resources in their children’s education and promised to continue to assist the child in studying after disconnecting from financial support.  The parents themselves have also grown up by participating all the activities. 50% of mothers and 67% of fathers have developed constructive concept of family finances management. More importantly, many parents reduce bad habits such as domestic violence, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and gambling.

For all the efforts devoted in three years, we see newborn babies can run and walk to start kindergarten education, we help high school students prepare for university entrance.  Thanks to the strong company and connection from our local partner as well as the non-stop love from sponsors, the Mustard Seed Mission has witnessed the progress made by the aided families.  We look forward to seeing they can soon separate themselves away from difficult and poor life style and become independent for the future path to come.  Then, we will happily close this sponsorship case to move on.  

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