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  Volunteer Team in Palu - Holding a Symposium
2019/11/05 | editor

Day 3 in Palu area, the Mustard Seed Mission volunteer team and the Indonesia Fisheries Agency held a symposium to let the affected fishermen better understand the government's current policy. In addition, the Mustard Seed Mission staffs also discussed with local staffs how to help local villagers to have sustainable economic development in the future.

The Mustard Seed Mission held a symposium with the Indonesia Fisheries Agency to make the fishermen more aware of the government's current policy. Many affected villagers participated in the symposium.

Indonesia Fisheries Agency officer explained the current policy to villagers and encouraged fishermen to work together to increase livelihoods in the symposium. Then, Indonesia Fisheries Agency officier answered questions from fishermen.

At the end of the symposium, the staffs of the Mustard Seed Mission took group photo with Indonesian officer and villagers.

After the symposium, staffs of the Mustard Seed Mission and local staffs discussed the future plans on economic sustainable development in Palu, Indonesia.

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On 28 September 2018, a huge earthquake shook the city of Palu, Indonesia. The Mustard Seed Mission is sending help to the affected areas for recovery works !

However, to know how to quickly respond to natural disasters is crucial to the affected villagers. The Mustard Seed Mission is focusing on disaster risk reduction education so sending a volunteer team in October 2019 to share and guide local government, schools, and villagers to know the knowledge and skills about disaster prevention and risk reduction.

We invite you to show your support in our project to help the families affected by the natural disaster in Palu, Indonesia!


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