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New Year Greetings Amid the Pandemic
2021/02/05 | editor
The MSM sponsored children in Cambodia, India and Nepal wrote Christmas cards to the sponsors one by one, thanked them for their support over the past year, and reported their s

Hope in the Storm- Super Typhoon Rolly Relief Work
2021/01/29 | editor
"During the typhoon, our house was washed out. I have four children and two of them are still very small. It is very difficult for me...."

The Dream of Becoming a Doctor Amid the Pandemic
2021/01/12 | editor
Meang is a Cambodian sponsored child of the Mustard Seed Mission. He is in the sixth grade of medical department at the National University of Health Science and Technology

The Philippines Super Typhoon Relief Work
2020/11/16 | editor
November 1, Super Typhoon Goni affected more than 24 million people in 8 regions, 32 provinces, 44 cities and 357 municipalities in the Philippines.

After Tsunami, People are Suffering from Covid-19 Impact
2020/10/19 | editor
When the pandemic outbreak began, the Mustard Seed Mission contacted our local partners in Palu, Indonesia, to have an idea of the impact of the pandemic...

Salute to the Frontline Heroes Combating COVID-19
2020/09/18 | editor
"Since the pandemic began, we run similar processes every day: family surveys, packaging, delivery, and ensuring the families receive supplies. Although being exhausted

Social Vulnerability to Disasters
2020/08/19 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission and our local working partners saw the deterioration of the health and nutritional status of indigenous children and pregnant women, we decided to go to t

The Road to Education that Turns Life Around
2020/08/05 | editor
"The children have no idea why they should go to school and the parents don't think it is important to get educated, either. We can do nothing but keep on visiting t

Planting Unlimited Seeds of Hope! Helping A Dream Come True
2020/08/03 | editor
Sonam said "I'm coming from a village named Namrung where takes approximately five days of walk, lacking of educational resources around the district...

How Children Receive Education During the Pandemic
2020/07/03 | editor
According to UNESCO, the education of 60% of the global school children population have been affected by the pandemic. How do we ensure the children's education con

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