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The Mustard Seed Mission has devoted to overseas assistance for more than 40 years, serving in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, etc.; in recent years, we focus on India and Cambodia to help local vulnerable children continue their education. After the 2015 Nepal earthquake, many affected families and children were in great needs, the Mustard Seed Mission began local rescue services because we saw the needs. In 2017, we extended the service to the southwest Asia: the Pakistan Street Children’s Custody and Education Program.

At present, the Mustard Seed Mission supports Cambodian tertiary students for school living expenses and education expenses for disadvantaged children. In India, cooperating with local residential facilities and educational institutions, we started sponsorship program of vulnerable children, try to help improve their living environment, and subsidy their education so that children can get educated and a chance to change their future through education. In Nepal, vulnerable children and children affected by the earthquake can have the opportunity to continue their education, and help them have stable life; in Pakistan, help children wandering on the streets to receive education and vocational training opportunities, and provide child protection and health education.

"Children are sent by their parents to beg. If they don't beg, they will be beaten.
If we help children get educated, they can have better development." 
-Pastor Timothy, Head of India Children's Home

Shaun is a shy 12-year-old boy. A few years ago, Shaun's father passed away, his mother's income was low, and the environment at home was not suitable for Shaun to live in, so Shaun went to the children's home. However, his mother has not come to visit Shaun for nearly two years, and Shaun almost broke contact with his mother, which makes him envious of other children who have family visitation or children having siblings around them.

The children's home has gradually become Shaun 's warm home due to the teachers’ utmost care. Every day, Shaun and other children go to school together, they return to the children's home together after school, after finishing homework, they play cricket on the rooftop of the children's home together. The children help each other a lot. Although there are no relatives by his side, the support among the children and the care and company of the pastor and teachers, have become Shaun 's irreplaceable close companions as he grows up.

Shaun likes math and cricket. His future wish is to be a policeman. We believe that through the continuous watering of everyone's love, more and more orphaned Indian children will be helped and their lives can be changed, and they will become gentle and polite young people who will contribute to the future society.


“Let’s go where there is the greater need.
We have only one life to live. “
- Lillian R. Dickson, founder of the Mustard Seed Mission

The Mustard Seed Mission continues the spirit of its founder, Mrs. Lillian R. Dickson, to sow the seeds of hope in Taiwan, but also extends its care to Cambodia, India, and Nepal to support poor children abroad in their daily lives and education. Sponsor children from overseas to continue to receive education in schools, so that the children will be able to be self-reliant, get out of poverty and have a better future.

  • 1. Children and adolescents aged 3-18 who are out of school
  • 2. Youth and women who need vocational training
  • 3. Children and adolescents from dysfunctional families or economically disadvantaged families
  • 4. Children and adolescents whose parents died or one of their parents have died due to accidents or natural disasters
  • 5. Children and adolescents whose parents are unemployed, sick or unable to raise them
  • 6. Children and adolescents who have been abandoned, abused, seriously neglected, injured, and are not properly raised

The Mustard Seed Mission starts its international aid and relief rescue with the core of education, supplemented by solving local social issues and needs, cooperating with local partners to design suitable service programs for local needs, and invite local residents to participate in our work together.

With such a service model, the community can gradually develop and with an ultimate hope to transform the environment and culture of the local community, reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, get out of poverty, and enable local residents to live more independently and freely.

The projects and goals of the Mustard Seed Mission abroad are:

Sponsorship of poor children oversea, improvement of their living conditions and vocational training.

In LOVE, there is no distance!

Poverty is the main reason among the 6 reasons why children in South Asia cannot continue their education. By improving children’s educational opportunities and resources, and helping children learn a vocational skill, we aim to help children have more job opportunities, be self-reliant and get out from poverty in the future.

Your participation will help every impoverished child overseas to continue education! The Mustard Seed Mission also regularly send staff to care for the sponsored children and their families to understand the children’s learning and living conditions, so that every loving donation can really support local children to grow up safely.


Because of your support, the children can walk in the future stably.



Typhoon Rai Service Updates
2022/07/04 | editor
We were able to distribute food packs to 275 families in Barangay 4 Roxas, Palawan who were devastated.  They received 25 kilos of rice, 10 cans of sardines, 3 cans of tuna, 5 cans of corned beef, a pack of biscuits, cooking oil,1kg of monggo beans, dried fish, and 5 gallons of drinking water.

Far Away from Home
2022/06/14 | editor
Our partner, Medair, is working across Ukraine in response to the conflict which began on 24 February 2022. The team arrived in Poland on 28 February, supporting the volunteer and civic organizations which are hosting displaced families, and providing critical medicines to health centers where required.

Finally, We Can Go Back to School Together
2022/05/11 | editor
Nepal has suspended classes for a long time since the epidemic. Children finally started going back to school in October last year. 


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