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  Run! Hype Grandpas and Grandmas Run!
2020/09/17 | editor

"I haven't participated in a Sports Day for more than 60 years. I didn't expect to be able to finish the game today. I feel like I was young again! With the cheering from my companions, I can win the first place in the fun games. The credit is the result of teamwork!" 67-year-old grandpa Rich shared with us.

This year, Tzu Chi University in Hualien hosted the first Seniors' Sports Day, inviting more than 119 elders aged 65 to 93 to participate. The elders come from various communities, long-term care bases and elder schools; adding up all the participants' ages, the number is at least 7,700 years old. They compete under the sun and show their full enthusiasm. The grandparents of the Mustard Seed Mission community care base are also invited to join in this passionate game.

67-year-old grandpa Rich participated in the 400-meter race and the 6-minute jogging event and won the championship and second place respectively! He usually walks slowly to ten thousand steps, and hasn't completed a race in a short time for a long time. Although the distance is not very long and his energy is not as good as before, he seems to feel the perseverance of his young self again.

Grandpa Rich joked "I just met a new friend! Wow,  it turned out that he is a marathon runner. Fortunately, I was lucky not to be in the same group as the master. If there is a second session next year, I will definitely sign up again!"


"I have been the last runner since I was a kid and always chased after others. Today I ran ahead and was chased by someone for the very first time. I was so happy!" 72-year-old Grandma Sue happily said.

"When I was a kid, I was always the champion in the sports games. I didn't expect that I ran in the second place. It seems simple to run 200 meters, and it was really huffing and puffing." 71-year-old grandmother Lillian shared.

Teacher Hu from Tzu Chi University shared with us that, running and jogging can train the elders' lower limb muscles and increase their muscle endurance, and fun games can practice multi-limb coordination. In addition to helping the elders to strengthen their physical health, the well-designed games hoping the elders can enjoy the fun of sports, communicate with others, and live a healthy life.

The Mustard Seed Mission community elder care base hopes that through health promotion activities and regular care, the multi-faceted needs of the elders can be met, so that local services can create a healthy and mutually supportive community, so that every elder can enjoy the joy of senior healthy life.


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