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Help the single-living elderly have a place to stay;
Provide for the underprivileged elderly, so that they will have resources to rely on;
Encourage the health of the elderly to contribute to their community.

Uncle Lee was hard to approach. Four years ago, he didn’t want to have any contact when he would come to our elderly day care service center. He refused any kind of invitations. Day by day, Uncle Lee started attending activities and inviting his neighbors to come to the elderly day care service center. Also, he started helping us clean the environment. With care and companionship from the center’s fellows and volunteers, Uncle Lee sees the center as his home, and is willing to share the wonderful place with others.

The Mustard Seed Mission believes that although the elderly get degenerated physically, it doesn't mean that they are "old and useless". Instead, it is a brand new start for the elderly to shine, because of their experiences and wisdom. Therefore, through our elderly day care service center which has served 2,379 person-times and 400 person-times in 2015, the underprivileged elderly have obtained resources, the single-living elderly have a place to stay, and the healthy elderly can continue to learn and expand their social network.

Grandparents Learning Paper Origami in Daycare
2019/08/12 | editor
A 92 year old grandmother was grinning from ear to ear, "It's so fun to be doing such special paper origami at this age!" 

Art Feast of Life Stories
2019/06/19 | editor
"My parents had a matrilocal marriage; due to the fact that I am the oldest one in the family, I have to take on my mother's last name. My father has been detached from me since I was little. I enrolled into a primary school when I was 10, while my father refused to pay for my tuition."


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