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  Sponsor Poor and Needy Children, Let Them Grow Up Happily with Peace of Mind
2022/05/09 | editor

 "Grandma, wish you peace and joy!  Everything going well recently? Do you have any special needs at home?" The social worker of the Mustard Seed Mission is making calls to family under served  in the community from time to time and find out whether the family needs any daily necessities.

Our community partners, located in remote townships, informed our social worker that there are kind-hearted people, after learning MSM community partners have long been committed to caring for families in need in the community, wish to be part of helping needy families.  Hence, they made a donation to our partner; by using this particular donation to purchase daily necessities or food, our community social workers can further take care of families in need.

As a result, our partner in the community and social worker visited hypermarket store by car, to purchase food and daily necessities for those families under served. To match different items and meet the needs of each individual family, they arranged items in separate boxes. During this work process, the partners in the community share with social workers how they feel about helping these families. They are really appreciative of this opportunity that they can be of help to needy families.  Furthermore, they are truly grateful to receive unexpected donations from warm hearted and generous people.

After the shopping was completed, the foods and supplies are distributed to every needy family. The next day, our social worker received a call from Ade's grandmother. The 8-year-old Ade and his younger brother come from  a grand-parenting family.  The grandmother, who is visually impaired, is raising up the children alone. They live in a remote town while the grandmother is so old that she is barely mobile to go out, as a result, the family's source of income depends entirely on social subsidies. One can imagine how inconvenience and hardship this family goes through on daily basis. That day, over the phone, the grandmother thanked for the sponsor who has been supporting them, as well as the  social welfare institutions that have been helping their family for a long time, allowing them to receive food and clothes for living. 

The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) has been committed to community children sponsorship services for more than ten years. We have long been working with the partners throughout different communities and provides services to needy families. MSM not only provides materials, but also provides spiritual support and companionship.  It is because of the companionship of kind-hearted people that we can ignite the light of hope, to shine on and bring a sense of warmth to needy families in the community.

 In this land where you and I live, some children do not get enough food for three meals a day, and some cannot get basic education steadily.

Join us in loving and caring for vulnerable children!
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