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  How Wonderful to Have You by My Side Through My Journey to Further Education
2022/04/20 | editor

Zola, a 20-year-old slender young lady who comes from a single-parent family and is currently a university sophomore majoring in engineering. Six years ago, her father left the family for some reason and never return, leaving her mother to raise Zola and Zola's older brother all by herself which has been a tough job since then. Fortunately, in times of hardship, they received continuous companionship and much-needed resourced from our community partners in addition to the help from their relatives and friends.

When Zola attended high school, our community partner and our social worker helped Zola apply for the bursary provided by the Mustard Seed Mission, which encouraged Zola to continue her study and study hard as well as to relieve the financial burden of her family. Social worker: "During her high school years, Zola was a child with few words. When she came to the center to assist with volunteering services, she always silently completed the tasks assigned by the social workers. However, after having deeper conversations with her, I found that she actually has a mind of her own but she isn't good at expressing herself. "

While in university, in addition to applying for the bursary of the Mustard Seed Mission, Zola also began to participate in the courses tailored made for college students by the Mustard Seed Mission. Through learning and interaction, Zola gradually changed. The invisible girl who used to be not good at expressing herself was transformed into someone who began to speak her mind. Such a huge transformation took our community partners and social workers by surprise.

Zola: "The bursary has allowed me to focus on my study in high school and college without any worries. It has also helped to ease my family's financial distress. Through the course tailored made for college students, I gained renewed understanding of myself and learned how to express myself; not only have I learned time management and how to do things properly, I have also been trained with communication, coordination and teamwork skills. These, together with my art which I am good at and enjoy, gave me a sense of achievement from the above activities. I would never have anticipated that such a change could take place."

The Mustard Seed Mission provides help to children who, like Zola, have otherwise given up on further education due to financial difficulties at home, so that every youngster can go to school. Together with Mustard Seed Mission's youth empowerment program, we help young people to explore their career path early on so they have a better and more comprehensive understanding of their chosen careers. It helps them have a clearer direction when they make their future career decisions.

We invite you to join us and become a sponsor. By giving them the opportunity to continue education, our children will benefit from your love and support to change their lives for the better. 


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