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  Timely Rain in the Desert for the Plight of the Poor
2022/04/07 | editor

Yaretzi, one of the sponsored children in our program, is studying in junior high school. She comes from a family of six people whose family members are all dependent on her father's income from temporary work to make a living. Of the six members, the elderly grandparents need financial support while Yaretzi and her younger brother are still in school. Although they are living under economically difficult situation, the family gets along very well.

However, the unexpected misfortune took away the happiness of the family. Yaretzi's father died at the end of August last year (2021) due to a work accident. As the attribution of the responsibility for the accident is under investigation, so far, the follow-up compensation was delayed for a long time with little progress. As a result, the family has to undertake the funeral expenses, they worry where the  future source of fund to support the whole family could come from. Mom feels quite helpless. Besides losing her husband, she has to carry the financial burden of the family by herself. 

This sudden accident made the financially disadvantaged family fall into a more difficult situation. After learning about the situation of Yaretzi's family, the social worker immediately helped to apply for the emergency relief fund of the Mustard Seed Mission. In addition, she helped Yaretzi 's family to apply for a micro accident insurance policy. Such timely help and support allow Yaretzi's mother to take a little breathe facing such unfortunate situation. Following the accident, the social worker spent much more time to care for Yaretzi's family, and regularly provided supplies and  materials from the food bank to help her mother through the on-going adversity.  Yaretzi's family is very grateful to the Mustard Seed Mission for the timely support. It is well understood that the mother has been tired of running around the court to deal with the unsolved issues about father's accident, luckily, the support of kind-hearted people from all walks of life as well as this emergency relief fund and insurance claims are coming timely for Yaretzi's family.

Yaretzi and the mother are grateful for the financial assistance from Mustard Seed Mission as well as from all walks of life. 

It is unavoidable that we are all likely to encounter difficulties at some point in our life. The Mustard Seed Mission Community Network is connected to the community help network, providing materials and living allowances in a timely manner, so that when families suffer difficult situation in the community, they can stay in peace of mind. We believe those who are helped will also help other people in need in the future.

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