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2022/03/23 | editor

Th mission of i-ro i-ro Children's Home is to help marginalized children to have their family structure restored and family relationship rebuilt; as well as provides parents with good parenting education and family support so that children are provided with consistent care while they grow up in a stable community environment.

Cher, who just started university this year, said to the social worker, " I want to be like you to have a career helping others in the future. I wouldn't be here without your help. "

Cher was brought up by her father who is a single parent. She moved to the north with her father when she was in the second grade. When her father was at work, Cher was often left alone at home and hungry. To provide Cher with better care, her father entrusted Cher to the care of her grandmother. Her teacher in the supplementary class knew her family situation and treated her like her own daughter. Not only did she educate Cher as a teacher, she also provided Cher the companionship like a mother did. A strong bond was established between them. When Cher was in junior high school, her beloved grandma passed away. With the sudden lose of a dear family member, she changed. She became depressed, indifferent and lost her confidence. Seeing that Cher's father struggled with busy work while raising a child on his own, as well as acknowledging the need to address the trauma suffered by Cher after the loss of a loved one, the teacher discussed with Cher's father to let Cher come to i-ro i-ro Children's Home where she can once again experience the feeling of "home". She was also connected with the Mustard Seed Mission to receive support and scholarship. Her life and education were thus improved and stabilized. i-ro i-ro Children's Home is like a big family for her. Cher feels the encouragement and support of everyone, and the hole in her heart gradually healed.

Six years quickly went by. From junior high school to university, Cher has experienced life transformation. She has transformed from being low self-esteemed and indifferent to being self-confident and passionate, from feeling loneliness and despair in life to become full of hope and courage. Thanks to the dedicated companionship and education of i-ro i-ro Children's Home, she has turned her life around and now ready to fly high.

Help children to grow up in familiar community and rebuild the family realtionship!


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