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  Sponsor an Underprivileged Child – Help Seeds in Barren Land Have A Chance to Sprout
2022/03/07 | editor

 "As long as I can watch my kid grow up happily, it's worth of any hardship. "

This is the reason that keeps Lun Lun's mother strong.

Lun Lun is the youngest child with an older brother and an older sister in his family. For a long time, Lun Lun's mother suffered domestic violence in the hands of her husband and lived her every day in fear. Eventually she chose to divorce her husband to give her children a childhood with peace. Since the divorce, the father of the children simply vanished out of their life and paid nothing into child-support. As a result, the mother had to carry the financial burden of raising three children on her own. In order to meet Lun Lun's pick-up time at the nursery, his mother chose to work as a delivery worker. Although the working hours are more flexible, her choice of taking orders are limited to relatively unpopular times because she has three kids to look after at night and unavailable to work. Although life is hard, the family lives happily together and the older siblings also help to look after Lun Lun which makes their mother very pleased. 

After learning about Lun Lun's family situation, the Mustard Seed Mission's community partner helped Lun Lun to apply for the "Children Sponsorship" service. In addition to the monthly financial subsidy to relieve the financial pressure of Lun Lun's family, it also provides the youngster regular companionship. With support like this, it starts to show positive changes with Lun Lun's family. The Mustard Seed Mission responds to where we see the need is. Through our care and financial assistance, we help those less privileged to have a chance to grow and thrive so that the positive forces of goodness in the society flows to the families in need and fills every corner of the society.

Lun Lun likes to draw. Although he is still young and only able to draw some irregular lines, he always looks happier when he draws with his mother. Away from the fear and anxiety brought by his violent father, he smiles more and finally enjoys the sweet parent-child time he deserves. Even though life is still hard, for this little family their spirit is rich.

Lun Lun likes drawing with his mother

Raising three children on her own is an admirable task and the social workers pay their respect to Lun Lun's mother, but she said, " As long as I can watch my kids grow up happily, it's worth of any hardship."

In the society where we live, there are children who do not have enough to eat, cannot get basic education, or traumatized by being mistreated for a long time. . . Through the "Children Sponsorship"  program with monthly financial subsidies, regular home visits and telephone contacts to monitor the youngster's life and needs, these young people can obtain the support they need despite being in such poor environment. They will have the love and care to accompany them to overcome the difficulties they may face.

We invite you to become a sponsor to underprivileged children and pass your blessings with love!


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