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  Selfless Love and Warm Arms Embrace the Needy
2020/09/04 | editor

Located beside a river in New Taipei City, there are a row of aged and shabby bungalows. From the appearance, the houses look like residential style in the 60s to 70s, with average age close to 50 years old. Flora and her whole family live here. Noticeably, the house has no legitimately assigned address. Living in a tiny bungalow with no address is like living in a confined space of an isolated city. Nonetheless, even the trivial unit like this type, its rental expense still plays a heavy burden for the family. A living unit without properly given address implies Flora's family is not eligible to be enrolled for government rental subsidy program. As a result, despite the poorly living condition, they have no choice but accept the reality. 

Flora's father died early. Her mother had to go solo taking care of Flora and her brother. Mr. Chen, a cohabitant with the mother, is willing to co-support the siblings. The whole family got along well with just financially breakeven each month. Unfortunately, the mother died of cancer a few years ago. While their relatives were reluctant to take care of these two minor children.  Disagreeing to let the nature takes its course, knowing to raise the siblings alone is no easy task, Mr. Chen bravely vows to be a guardian and a financial supporter of the siblings.  

As a matter of fact, Chen is not economically well off either.  He works as a security guard in the day time. In order to earn more, he chooses to work also on the night shift.  Flora was then still young and needed to have someone to look after day and night, as soon as Mustard Seed Community Common Good Partner discovered the need of help, they applied financial grants for the children so that the family would be substantially relieved themselves from the economic burden. Moreover, the social workers visited the family on a routinely to ensure their needs are all properly taken care of.  Flora is now a high school student. Thanks to her well shaping up independent and self-disciplined character, Flora is a top ranked student with outstanding academic performance. During the weekend, she works part time at restaurants trying to share the financial burden of the family.

Social workers visit the financially disadvantaged families to understand their needs

Although Chen is not their biological father, he loves them more than a father.  Social workers are deeply touched by such selfless love shared by Chen, Chen constantly expresses with concerns "I have to be strong. If I fall out, who will take care of them? "  

Holding up the hands of social workers tightly, Chen said "I really appreciate your timely support." Similarly, social workers feel nothing worth more than their devotion of time and efforts in assisting this family.  

Mustard Seed Community Network is developed to deliver aids toward disadvantageous group. Not only it provides monthly financial sponsorship to the needy families, but also the social workers regularly pay a visit to these families, the objective of which allows any further assistance is properly established.  Needless to say, financial sponsors are crucial roles in providing help. Without your kindness, Flora and her family won’t be able to feel blessed and loved by the society.

There are many more similarly unfortunate teenagers or children like Flora that are yet to be discovered and helped.  We cordially invite you to participate our sponsorship program to extend this selfless love. Let us do as much as we can to spread and extend our good deeds.


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