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  2019 Result Report​ of Sprout Up Project
2020/02/21 | editor
Dear Supports :

Thank you for your support on the ​Children Development & Learning- Sprout Up Project​ in 2019!

Here is the 2019 Result Report from the field:

Over 70% of sponsored children in the Mustard Seed Mission don't live with both of their parents. 52% of them are from single parents families; 14% of them live with their grandparents; 8% of them live with their relatives or live with step-parents. With the background, children often have low-esteem and low confidence. Besides, they have less chance to access resources and education. The way could cause their future could be narrowed because of they don't have much exploration of themselves.

Sprout up project is a method to connect resources from the communities and society for vulnerable children and families. Through cooperation, service planning, employment empowerment, and local resource connection, the Mustard Seed Mission links with local shops, NGOs, and partner churches to be our "common good partners", providing community services. The network has opened up an immediate and direct welfare network for vulnerable families in order to build up the vulnerable children's development and future.

The Service focuses on… 

Providing A Holistic Development Service for Vulnerable Children!

Sprout Up Project

2019 Service Result

Long-term Economic Subsidy: 3,702 children
Financial Aid for Education: 351 children
Financial Aid for Emergency: 80 families
Summer Camp: 287 children
Talents Learning: 569 children
Career Empowerment: 152 youths
Community Food Bank: 160,676 beneficiaries; 166,905 kg food distributed

With limited resources, it is hard to have Equal Chance for Underprivileged Children in Taiwan…

Sprout Up Project can MAKE IT HAPPEN for children!

The Mustard Seed Mission reaches SDGs

Thank you again for all you have done to help this cause!
Girl Xiao-Yan showed confidence and smile in the process of playing Ukulele
Girl Xiao-Yan showed confidence and smile in the process of playing Ukulele

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