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  Pass Love Down! Sponsored Child Turns Into A Social Worker
2019/07/02 | editor

Help Others like I was Helped!

"I think the reason I wants to become a social worker is because I have been accompanied and cared by many people."

Lily is a sophomore student majors in the Department of Social Work. Lily's mom bore the family's financial burden and took care of 3 children alone due to her dad's alcohol addiction. Huge economic pressure made life difficult to this family; fortunately, with subsidy and care from The Mustard Seed Mission's Sprout Up Project, Lily finished high school and invest in the field of social work, aiming to help more vulnerable people in the future.  

"In the beginning, I didn't know what to do in camps and community services; eventually, I saw what senior volunteers did and learned by doing. Gradually, I have become a giver like them." Since Lily was in junior high school, she involved in community service camps with college volunteers from "Community Common Good Hub"; when she was in senior high school, she started to organize and lead the camps, learning to switch herself from a receiver to a giver.

Lily sharing with children in the summer camp.
Lily sharing with children in the summer camp

In a life journey like this, Lily considers her greatest change is to be impersonal in dealing affairs and controlling emotion properly, at the same time learn to cooperate and communicate with others and express herself moderately. "I was surrounded by people who love me and accompany me in life, so, I could grow up in such a warm environment." Lily shared emotionally.     

Serving Starts With Love

Lily believes that she grew up with help from others and had experience of being with others in the community, which makes Lily have a strong interest and enthusiasm for education and helping people. The Mustard Seed Mission "Community Common Good Hub" accompanies and supports her in many things for a long time; in addition, a social worker shared her experience in social work field which all makes Lily want to work in social work and serve others. Lily successfully completed her high school education through the scholarship grant of The Mustard Seed Mission, and successfully entered her ideal department, the Department of Social Work, in the previous year.

"The Department of Social Work has a lot of assignments, but I am learning happily. I am looking forward to completing the course as soon as possible, and I can actually help others in advance." Lily, who gave a sunshine like smile, shared her university plans and vision excitingly.

Let the Good Deed Cycle

Lily's story is like a mustard seed: it was very small at first, and it grew and thrived through the watering and companionship of love. It also became the next pillar to help and care for people. This kind of story continues to happen and be passed on.

*Sprout Up Project - Help Vulnerable Children's Life Have Bright Future.


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