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  Community Disaster Prevention Starts with Social Workers
2019/06/11 | editor

Social Workers as Disaster Prevention Starters

The Mustard Seed Mission held a program to train the social workers to be capable of handling disaster prevention and relief. One of the trainee said “It's not until this program that I realized the disaster prevention is way more important than disaster relief.” This year, The Mustard Seed Mission put a major effort into constructing a disaster prevention security network and arranging a series of trainings for our social workers.  First of all, we enhance the disaster prevention skills of our fellow volunteers, who hopefully in the near future will be able to establish the conception of proper disaster preventions into all communities.  Therefore, if the disaster happens, we could rapidly rescue people from disaster and help each other and decrease the damage to the minimum.

The social workers get to know more about the importance of disaster prevention.
The social workers get to know more about disaster prevention

Professional Training Lessons

If we are willing to devote more into disaster preventions, we can maximize the degree of safety while minimizing the human resources required for disaster relief. In the four-day training program, we invited Dr. Lee and Dr. Liu from National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, and the Professor Huang from National Dong Hwa University, to share the practical action of disaster prevention and relief. There are a lot of aspects that are related to our lives, such as, method of community disaster prevention, disaster risk management, self-protection, techniques to response to the disaster.  

The Mustard Seed Mission invites experts to share with social workers
Experts are invited to share with social workers

Take Care of Ourselves and Protect the Family

The training session not only taught the volunteers how to conduct community-based disaster prevention; the lecturers also targeted the promotion of self-defense when encountering disasters, hoping that as volunteers are capable of helping others, they too will need to take care and protect themselves and their own families. Likewise, we hope this concept can as well be spread among the locals in the communities.

Disaster prevention concepts are shared to the community
Disaster prevention concepts are shared to the community
The Mustard Seed Mission will set up a thorough system of disaster relief as well, which allows us to provide the first aid when the disaster happens in the future. Hence, the program includes: How to conduct a needs assessment survey, collect information about the situation, provide shelter services, and conduct simulated disaster drill, etc. Enhance the disaster prevention ability of the social workers so that we could express the idea of community disaster prevention and relief to the people and possibly turning community disaster prevention into a popular movement amongst the locals.
Nontheless, since last year, The Mustard Seed Mission started assisting overseas disaster occured country, like Indonesia, aiming to restore livelihood of the Indonesian victims and counselling children for post- disaster trauma after the devastating tsunami devoured Palu City. Moreover, we get to know the importance of disaster prevention more, not only in Taiwan, we also try to build up an exclusive disaster prevention mode for Palu, Indonesia, hoping to minimize the damage in the future disasters.
Take Action in the Helping Indonesia Together!    

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