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  Reunion Between Sponsors and Sponsored Children
2019/06/11 | editor

Limited Time for Reunion, Unlimited Spread of Love

This year, the annual gathering of The Mustard Seed Mission in Southern Taiwan was held in Tsou-Ma-Lai farm, Tainan. The sponsors of The Mustard Seed Mission are all over Taiwan; hence usually, the only method that the sponsors and the kids can communicate is via letters, sending their caring and appreciations to each other. They rarely have a chance to interact face-to-face. Therefore, this year we've invited 70 sponsors, parents of the sponsored family, and the sponsored children to participate in the event. We've even invited 2 very experienced sponsors that had participated in countless events to share their thoughts, reflections, and the emotions they had been throughout the process of sponsoring with everyone at the event.

Ice-breaking activitiesIce-breaking activities
Ice-breaking activities

From Photographs to Meeting in Person Creates Love Connection

A sponsor, Ms. Shih, said, “I had sponsored children abroad before, yet due to the physical barrier, it wasn't practical for me to get a grip on what was happening overseas. Hence, when I got the opportunity to sponsor children this time, I chose to prioritize the local kids first. Last year when I attended my first The Mustard Seed Mission reunion gathering, I was excited yet nervous at the same time. I even prepared a gift for the child I sponsored. However, I forgot to bring it with me so I returned back home to retrieve it. As the result, I arrived to the event late and saw the child I sponsored waiting in line alone. Guilt and pity filled my heart. Anyway, this event opened up the interactions between the child and me and I am really thankful for it.” She even stated that in the future, even after her sponsored child turns 18, she will still be willing to accompany him/her, or perhaps pass on the love by sponsoring another child.

Lunch: BBQ
Lunch: BBQ

The Love Between Giving and Taking

A sponsor, Ms. Jan, said, “I grew up in an impoverished family too, received caring and love from others when I was little, that's why I hope I have the capability of helping others in need. One day, out of nowhere, I saw the sponsoring service that The Mustard Seed Mission was offering and I decided to participate in it. I still remember I was so nervous when meeting my sponsored child for the first time, asking my colleagues about what kids of his age like and dislike. When the two of us finally met, the child was actually extremely nervous too. Thankfully the arrangements of the activities organized by The Mustard Seed Mission allowed us to communicate and interact successfully without any problem.” She thinks that through the gathering, the sponsors get to have the opportunity to interact with the children, allowing them to converse with feelings, adding depth to their conversations. This also leads to a closer relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored when it comes to sending letters back and forth, sharing their emotions in a more profound way. Lastly, Ms. Jan shared that “on the surface, it might seem like I am the one that's giving the help to the child; yet in fact, from the letters, I was encouraged and supported by the positivity that the child has to his life.”

Wonderful interaction between the sponsor and the child
Wonderful interaction between the sponsor and the child

Creating Unforgettable Memories through Companionship

Throughout the event, we've seen that some children have changed because of the caring and accompany they received. The feelings and changes in those conversations with their sponsors made most of the children timid no more; some even tried to actively share their experiences with their sponsors. For those kids that are more outgoing, the sponsors were willing to run and play with them, despite the hot and unbearable weather. They persevered even if they were all sweaty and exhausted, established firm relationships with the children and promised to be back next year.

Group photo of the reunion gathering
Group photo of the reunion gathering
We are inviting you to join our big family, helping children from lower income families, being their life mentor, accompany them throughout their childhood.

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