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  Community Elders Service Make Lives Lighter and Colorful
2019/03/15 | editor

Continually Caring

Looking across the wall behind the Mustard Seed Mission. Mr. Ay-Chung who lives in the house behind the wall is already prepared. He stares at the road and wonders is the Mustard Seed Mission white van on the road yet? Are the social workers coming to get him? When every time the station open time comes, he always excites to see is the car coming?

Mr. Ay-Chung's house is next to the Mustard Seed Mission building. There is only a wall between two buildings.

Mr. Ay-Chung has a stroke for nine years. Since he had a stroke at 58 years old, he lost his ability to walk outside by himself. Usually, he doesn’t go outside and sit in front of the TV at the weekdays. Except, he needs to have a Hemodialysis treatment at the hospital on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. After a 70 years old female volunteer, who is from the caring team at The Mustard Seed Mission, encourages him passionately. He can finally have the courage to go outside and join the activities held by the team.

Mr. Ay-Chung​ takes shuttle 805 every time to go to the station

Long-term care 2.0

After a while, the social worker contacted the elders to pick up service of the alley's elders caring center A spot. Taking him to those activities on time. Mr. Ay-Chung said: "He is inconvenient to go somewhere else. The car service makes him feel touch and convenient."

"The Mustard Seed Mission service is nice. Everyone in The Mustard Seed Mission is very kind and friendly. Volunteers are willing to take care of others." , said by Mr. Ay-Chung. So he is looking forward to coming here every time. The great gain that he received is he is really glad and his body functions are in progress. Sometimes he can also go to the parks or other places with everybody. To open his mind and gain more knowledge from these experiences.

Went to the one day trip with other elders from the center

Long-term care 2.0 is building a caring service system based on the community. The Mustard Seed Mission started the community elders care service in 2011. Till the level C Long-term care center. Committed to being good supporters for the people who take cares of their families. Every Monday to Friday, we welcome the elders in the neighborhood come to join the activities. Let us take good care of the elders every day.  


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