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  Overcoming Obstacles as a Child
2019/01/16 | editor

Overcoming Obstacles as a Child

Chia-Chia lost his father when he was four due to severe illness. He and his mom were left alone to pay for the huge amount of medical expenses. Chia-Chia's mother acts as both father and mother to him and had to work twelve hours a day in order to sustain their livelihood. The situation was exacerbated when her hip bones start to deteriorate due to the heavy workload. She did multiple surgeries and can only walk with the help of mobility aids. Unfortunately, as she grew older, she lost her hearings and suffered from Parkinson's, hence incapable of working anymore. The Mustard Seed Mission's community service centers saw the hardship that their family was going through therefore registered Chia-Chia for the Sprout Up Project, providing monthly financial aids for his family and pay monthly visits to alleviate the stress of Chia-Chia and his mother.

Chia-Chia walks with his mom to the kitchen

Immediate Succor During Catastrophe

Recalling on what happened that night when the huge Hualien earthquake occurred, Chia-Chia's mother said she couldn't fall asleep for the entire night, yelling "Dear Lord, please don't let the roof fall on top of us…" It happened on February 6th, 2018, when the earthquake sent all residents in Hualien in shock. Living inside a shabby, rundown house on a cliff, Chia-Chia and his family had to walk almost an hour to the mountain top in order to acquire water for daily usage at home. 
The Mustard Seed Mission immediately took action after acknowledging the situation, activating the Emergency Rescue Program and installing new water tower for the family. When the workers were constructing it, Chia-Chia voluntarily helps to connect new pipes and to put them in place. With all the help from everyone, the family eventually gained the resources it needs.

Giving back to the Society

Chia-Chia saw the suffrage his mother was going through and was willing to actively take care of his mother. He helped out with all the chores such as buying and cooking dinner and reminding his mother to take pills on time. Chia-Chia, under the influence of his sponsor, hope that himself can always be a "giver" rather than a "receiver". "I want to go to a school of nursing when I graduate… I want to take good care of my mother and be just like my sponsor, having the ability to provide help to people in need."

Chia-Chia is helping his mom cooking

Every kid that we helped are like little mustard sprouts, started as unnoticeable seeds in the beginning. Through the delicate hands of the gardeners, they grow and thrive to be large and strong trees that birds can rest themselves upon. We invite you to be one of our "gardeners", granting children like Chia-Chia that live in rural areas the possibilities to grow, develop, and thrive as successful persons.


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