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Light Up Hope for 3,500 Taiwan Children
2019/12/12 | editor
The social worker asked Grace" Your shoes are broken, why didn't you ask your mommy for a new pair of shoes?" Grace answered: "The shoes are s

Mapping Out the New Lives of Immigrants
2019/12/06 | editor
The new immigrants openly shared their thoughts and answered questions freely. There were definitely a lot of laughter and some tears during the session as they recall how they rea

Drills Allow Us to Face Disasters Calmly
2019/11/12 | editor
Taiwan is the rated as No.1 of high natural disasters risks, due to our geographical location and geological structure. Thus, it's vital for us to be able to coexis

A Heavy Stress for Ping's Family
2019/11/11 | editor
"I am reluctant to bring the bill back home , I am afraid , no matter how hard my parents keep working , we just can not afford it …" 

Hooray!! We Made It!
2019/11/08 | editor
In the dream action plan, we saw the transformations on these youths, which has positive impacts on their future employment development. From shyness to willingness to try new id

Training Children to Be Disaster Protection Pioneers
2019/10/15 | editor
The children realized that disasters will not only occur in specific places but also in their own living environment and areas. How to coexist peacefully with nature?

A Painting Recalling Mother
2019/09/09 | editor
Yu grew up in a single-parent family with her mother. They had a really close relationship.  Unfortunately, her mother suddenly passed away one day, leaving Yu hopeless...

Pass Love Down! Sponsored Child Turns Into A Social Worker
2019/07/02 | editor
 “I think the reason I wants to become a social worker is because I have been accompanied and cared by many people.”

Reunion Between Sponsors and Sponsored Children
2019/06/11 | editor
Throughout the reunion event, we’ve seen that some children have changed because of the caring and accompany they received. The feelings and changes in those conversations

Community Disaster Prevention Starts with Social Workers
2019/06/11 | editor
If we are willing to devote more into disaster preventions, we can maximize the degree of safety while minimizing the human resources required for disaster relief.

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