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My SOCCER Dream!
2022/06/14 | editor
“I want to be a soccer coach! And I want to take care of my mom with this job!” Shin said.

Extremely interesting ! Thanks to technology, natural disaster prevention ahead and in place!
2022/06/09 | editor
The Mustard Seed Disaster Prevention and Relief Service Center cooperates with the Taimali Senior Learning Center to arrange and promote disaster prevention education.  This

My Great-Granny Is My Heaven and Shelter
2022/05/20 | editor
Yuriana was born out of wedlock and her mother was unable to raise her. Leaving little Yuriana behind to be taken care of by her elderly 70-year-old great-grandmother, she left an

I Am Doing Well, Please Don't Worry About Me
2022/05/18 | editor
Without Shyla's mother, Shyla and her grandmother lost the only bread winner of the family and couldn't afford the rent. 

Sponsor Poor and Needy Children, Let Them Grow Up Happily with Peace of Mind
2022/05/09 | editor
 After purchasing food and daily necessities for those families under served; to match different items and meet the needs of each individual family, MSM soci

How Wonderful to Have You by My Side Through My Journey to Further Education
2022/04/20 | editor
Six years ago ,Zola's father left the family for some reason and never return, leaving her mother to raise Zola and Zola's older brother all by herself ...

Timely Rain in the Desert for the Plight of the Poor
2022/04/07 | editor
Yaretzi comes from a family of six people whose family members are all dependent on her father's income from temporary work to make a living. Yaretzi's father died&n

Fly High Like an Eagle
2022/03/23 | editor
From junior high school to university, Cher has experienced life transformation in i-ro i-ro Children's Home. She has transformed from being low self-esteemed and indiffere

Creative Reunion Dinner Amid Pandemic
2022/03/12 | editor
In order to let every sponsored family still feel the warmth of the Chinese New Year, the MSM Sponsorship cooperative church has used its creativity to hold an online reuni

Sponsor an Underprivileged Child – Help Seeds in Barren Land Have A Chance to Sprout
2022/03/07 | editor
After divorce, Lun Lun's mother carries the financial burden of raising three children on her own. the single mother had to look after her children on

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你要盡心、盡性、盡 意、盡力愛主 ─ 你的神。其次就是說:要愛人如己。(馬可福音12章30-31節)

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31)


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