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Give A Kid a Chance to Study and Turn His Life Around
2021/02/08 | editor
For Holmer's father, it is not easy to support the whole family for one year as well as raising children with only the income from the annual harvest of bamboo shoots.

A Little Wish to Survive Hard Times
2021/02/08 | editor
"I don't have anything else I want too much… I just hope that mom and I can both have enough food..." shared 8th grade Joshua. 

The Reunion Dinner where Love Flows
2021/02/08 | editor
Layla shared that, this is the first time she has received a red envelope. For her, red envelopes represent more than money; a blessing card inside the red envolop

Dining Together Surrounded by Many Warm Hugs
2021/01/11 | editor
Chelsea is raised by her grandfather. To enjoy good amount of food has been such a luxury while unattainable for Chelsea, as there are just so many kids to be fed at home. 

The Boy Chasing Dreams by Action
2021/01/11 | editor
Sean likes to play guitar and has a good voice. The birth defect did not hinder his motivation to move forward. He is also keen to participate in community activities. 

Love Lights Up the Corner
2020/12/21 | editor
"Although the economy is overwhelming, as long as Liam can grow up well, I will try to survive. Seeing Liam's joyful dance makes me feel happy and satisfied."

An Opportunity to Carry on Someone's Dream
2020/12/03 | editor
Samuel, who grew up in a financially disadvantaged environment, never complained, but spontaneously became independent.  Hoping to help reduce the financial burden of fam

Caring about the marine ecology! Beach cleanup action of i-ro i-ro Children's Home
2020/12/03 | editor
Holding an iron clip in one hand and a garbage bag in the other, walking back and forth on the beach; beach cleaning activity not only achieves the purpose of prote

Love.No Border: there is No Obstacle in Love
2020/11/12 | editor
Yoyo was born with severe physical disability, develops slower than children of the same age, and relies on the care of his mother for daily life.

The Light of Hope is Alive Within 4 Bare Walls
2020/10/19 | editor
"Granny, where is my mom? When will daddy be back and pick me up?" Those were the questions Jay often had in his heart, and the questions which his elderly

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