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“Company starts from a heart.”

A group of youths from broken families and they have their own stories.  When we accompany those youth, we saw hopeless in their eyes.  While they live in the Pei-Hsin, they feel secure and have a rest.  Although their future is uncertainty, we would like to walk with them to find out their own ways, to develop their ability and create their own value.


Target Group

1. Home capacity:Maximum 14 persons.

2. Target Service Group:

    • Based on the regulation or by professional assessment to qualify the boys over 12 years

       old and less than 18 years old who need emergent or temporary home protection.

    • According to the article 69 of “The Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights

      Act, each boy, between the age of 18-20 needs emergency placements for protection.

    • Families without caring function.

    • According to Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 664, Juvenile court is legally responsible for

      young people with regular truancy or running away from home.

    • Based on the guidelines for investigation of missing people, reported missing young people

      are recovered by police if family members failed to contact or retrieve the youth.

    • Department of Social Welfare social workers assess the need for emergency or short-term

      placement in accordance.


Our Services

To provide a short-term shelter for youth’s placement and daily care, counseling and


To provide each case a professional counseling services (including regular meetings, group

   activities, individual plan and dealing with emergencies), making records for regular cases

   evaluation, and cooperating with the social worker, who is in charge of the public sector, to

   set and execute placement program.

Based on individual needs, we arrange suitable activities and courses to help youth back to


To connect with medical resources and to build a medical treatment network for maintaining

   youth’s health needs.

Freedom is not a Dream
2018/12/12 | editor
Before leaving, A-Dung said: "can I come back in the future? I want to be a volunteer!" One month later we received a letter from A-Dung, it says: "Pei-Hsin Home is the place that changed my life, although I have lost something, now I have a good life, I will keep growing and build my life, I will be back!

Make the Belonging of His Heart with Him
2018/10/12 | editor
Through each conversation with teachers, Tommy gradually opened up his heard and pointed out the causes of making him act emotionally. By this, teachers realized that, behind those mischievous behaviors, Tommy was just trying to show his existence, misunderstanding from others and discrimination towards him. Due to not being ready for staying to

Sunshine after Rain
2018/09/10 | editor
Brandon is a very special child. From a young age, he was sickly and often had to go to the hospital. This put heavy financial pressure on his large and already financially struggling family...


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