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  A Balanced Diet Brings A Healthy Life for Teenagers
2022/04/27 | editor

People take "food" as their priority. In the early agricultural society, most of them were large families, and it was really common to have a meal at home. With the society structure changes, most of today's families are small sizes. Since they are all dual-income families, the proportion of eating out is relatively high. Adolescents are at their peak of development, and how to eat healthily is the key to growth! In a long-term unhealthy dietary environment, it is easy to lead to nutritional deficiencies or to be too thin, which affects the height in adulthood.

In MS Youth Home, we replace the responsibility of family care. In addition to providing daily meals, we will also let the young people know the importance of a balanced diet; for example, we arouse their interest by bringing up the aspects they care about, such as appearance, strength, physical performance, etc., usually the acceptance of children is quite high. Even if they leave the Youth Home, we also expect to cultivate children not only to choose the food they like, but also to remember to consider the nutritional balance.

To build a model for children's balanced diet, on weekdays, the boys would have four dishes, one soup and fruits prepared by a professional chef, the treachers will also lead the children to cook during the holidays, and the nutritional value of each food will be explained to the children during the process. In addition, we also organize the "Balanced Diet" poster competition, through knowledge-based learning, allows children to look for information, draw posters, and understand their daily dietary needs. While pursuing their own characteristics, they also develop positive behaviors and follow healthy eating habits, cultivate the joy of healthy living.

▲ "Balanced Diet" Poster Contest Entries▼
The delicious dishes of the children's own cooking

Thanks to the kind-hearted people for sponsoring fresh ingredients, so that the children of MS Youth Home can have a rich and balanced diet.

Empower vulnerable children to get well prepared for future life!


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