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  Finding Inspiration in National Sport: Baseball
2021/01/01 | editor

Taiwanese people fall in love with baseball at a very young age. Baseball is considered the national sport in Taiwan and serves as a point of showing national pride and unity. Children at Mustard Seed Youth Home(MS Youth Home) in Hualien are so proud of their hometown because eastern Taiwan(Hualien and Taitung) produces lots of baseball players on the national team, and their passion for baseball has taken root in the minds.

Since Chinese Professional Baseball (CPBL) rarely played baseball games outside its base in northern Taiwan, children at MS Youth Home did not get much chance to attend games. These teenagers treasured old baseball memories, such as cheering during games and getting excited at critical moments. They hoped that they could attend games once again, and just as they had hoped, CPBL held one game in Hualien again! Children at MS Youth Home were so thrilled to be invited to attend the game, thanks to Hualien County Government!

These teens were overjoyed when they entered the stadium. They joined in with the crowd's shouting and cheering during the game and considered themselves part of the team. These teens, who tried to be the best they could be, resonated with the remarkable efforts made by players on the field. Although their favorite team lost the game, for these teenagers, it was definitely worth the trip, and they were grateful to have had the opportunity of watching games in person.

Without affluent background, teenagers at MS Youth Home were going through a difficult journey in life. Teachers at MS Youth Home encouraged teens to keep what they have—perseverance and enthusiasm—and follow the baseball players who set a good example of possessing the grit to move forward to win the game. Watching live sports was a powerful life teaching for teenagers at MS Youth Home, which would light their inner fire to seek out the best in them.


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