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  The First Experience of Astronomical Wonders of the Youths
2020/07/15 | editor

In the hot summer afternoon, the counselor told the teenagers "If we miss today's astronomical wonder-the solar eclipse, it will take 195 years to see it!" So all of them went all the way south to Taitung Chenggong, only for enjoy the natural phenomenon.

During the 120-kilometer journey along Taiwan Highway 11, in addition to talking and laughing, enjoying the sea breeze, and listening to electronic music suites, the counselor also provided the knowledge of solar eclipse to the youths, "It is the unique phenomenon mainly because when the moon moves between the sun and the earth. Looking up from the earth's point of view, the moon is just in front of the sun. Therefore, the light from the sun will be blocked by the moon. It looks like the moon and the sun are integrated from a distance. And the eclipse is also called "God's Golden Ring.” Through the simple explanations, we can deepen the youth's expectations of the astronomical scene. 

Although the youths seemed to understand, they looked forward to seeing what this gold ring will look like. So, at 16:14 on June 21st, the youths raised their heads and looked up together, shouting in excitement, "It's coming soon!" and picked up their mobile phones to prepare to record it. After all, everyone will not survive till the next solar eclipse! However, although they went to Taitung specially to watch it, it’s a pity they could only see 1/3 of the wonders because of the clouds, which made the youths feel a little bit lost. But other counselors shared photos of the solar eclipse taken elsewhere, which calmed the youth’s mood a little. The youths were amazed seeing the professional photos! Being able to experience this astronomical wonder in life is a special memory for them.


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