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  Journey Towards a Future
2020/08/06 | editor

Hulk is an indigenous boy from countryside in Hualian county. He was adopted when he was only 6 months old because his parents were poor and his mother was often in and out of jail for theft and couldn't take care of him properly. However, his non- blood related adoptative parents were old and lack the knowledge and financial means to give him a proper upbringing. They had a laissez faire attitude towards his education. As a result, Hulk displays a lack of awareness of good manners, rules, ownership and punctuality. Furthermore, he is incapable of dealing with the demand of study when comparing with his peers. Luckily, Hulk is a gentle child who is easy to smile. Positivity is his hallmark. He is also willing to share what he has with others. That's why his peers and teachers all like him. But due to his difficulty in communicating with others as well as expressing himself, inside his heart he feels deeply insecure.

It has been 6 years since Hulk came to Mustard Seed Youth Home. He is now a first year high school student. Through the help of companionship and tutoring offered by the Mustard Seed Mission, he is now able to take care of his own daily life, organize his time properly and gradually opens up himself to have a better communication with other people. He is no longer a loner and makes progress in school.

When he first came, he was passive and not good at expressing himself when interacting with others. We saw his needs and offered counseling, mentoring and companionship. We also offered one-on-one tutoring. Through the above, slowly he has developed confidence and resilience when it comes to study related issues. Today he knows how to be with others and communicate with them, he knows the rules and boundaries. We believe with time, his relations with his peers will get better and better.

Now that he has changed and grew up, Hulk started to have more imagination about his own future after the Youth Home. He is aware that he must learn to be independent and stop relying on others. While other kids are happily enjoying their summer vacation, 16-year-old Hulk began to look for part-time job. Even though he was constantly turned down in the beginning, he kept trying and eventually got a job which he can do during the weekend and summer vacation. A job he is able to contribute, learn and take care of his own health at the same time.

Even though the situation at home hasn't been improved and the future uncertain, Hulk is fully aware that in order to take care of his loved ones, he must be able to look after himself first. He is hoping to motivate himself with such belief until the day he goes home and returns the love his elderly adoptive parents gave him- who treated him as their own flesh and blood - a better life and takes care of them. The Mustard Seed Mission will continue to be on his side, support him and encourage him. We hope that on his journey towards the adulthood, Hulk will be equipped with courage to face any difficulty fearlessly, to overcome any adversaries and become the strength and shelter for others in needs. 

We invite you to help the children and youngsters in the eastern Taiwan, assist them to build character and courage for their future, to offer the children at Mustard Seed Youth Home an opportunity to education and other vocational training or caring services.


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